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How do you choose your perfect wedding ring? – We reveal our advice.

30th June 2014

With the summer sun fast approaching (well, hopefully!), many of our customers will be coming to see us for their wedding bands. When it comes to choosing your wedding ring for that special day, how do you make sure that the wedding band is well… Perfect?! We asked our wedding band specialists what they think and this is what they recommend.

Plain shoulder engagement ring

If you have a classic solitaire engagement ring, it sometimes can be worth (depending on the thinkness of the shoulders) going for a stunning diamond channel set wedding band to compliment the centre diamond. Although, finding the perfect balance between not over-powering the centre diamond can be a fine balance, as your engagement ring should still, in our opinion, be the focal point of your ring finger.

MTSS-948 with WR114

Diamond set shoulder engagement ring

When your engagement ring has diamonds set down the shoulders, normally we would recommend a matching diamond set band. Although, sometimes if your engagement ring is a little more dainty, a plain band can compliment your ring just as well, saving that little bit more sparkle factor for your enternity ring.


IGI certified diamond set bands

In our Birmingham Jewellery Quarter showroom we have a large selection of IGI (International Gemological Institute) diamond set bands. These bands come in a variety of different colours, claritys and sizes. The great thing about having a certified band, is that all of the diamonds have been selected because of the matching quality & also been graded by one of the world’s leading laboratories to ensure quality.


Gents wedding band

The gentleman’s wedding band is all about personal preference. With many profiles of wedding bands available from court, slight court, flat etc. available, the options are endless. Many gentleman decide to have a cut pattern applied (see below) to the band to give it that little bit more finesse.

Diamond Cut 5

GIA International Gemoological Institute HRD Antwerp National Association of Jewellers