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Purchasing a diamond? What to consider – Our advice

8th July 2014

Buying a diamond can be a daunting task, with many things to consider such as the colour, clarity, cut and many more what do you choose? Below is a list of advice that we believe can guide you to choosing the perfect diamond. Choosing a diamond for an engagement ring has to be thought out, as this will be a ring for life. Considering what type of diamond(s) should match what you’re trying to achieve, this comes down to the age old trade-off of size over quality.

Larger diamond

Should you decide that you would like a larger diamond for your budget, looking at slightly included (SI1/2) diamonds can offer excellent value for money, ensuring that the marks are not noticeable to the naked eye, our diamond consultants can search through a vast list of diamonds available and offer you a selection to meet your needs.

Lower colour diamonds can also offer value, keeping a diamond with H or I colour will ensure that the diamond ‘faces up’ white, and combined with an eye clean clarity, this should meet the objective of obtaining a larger diamond.

Although most websites will tell you to keep an excellent cut grade, the polish and symmetry must never be overlooked, keeping these ‘very good’ and above will offer a sparkle that anyone will adore. When searching through our website, clicking on the ‘advanced options’ in the ‘diamond search’ will open up more options.

Choosing a larger diamond over a higher quality diamond, will not necessarily mean that the look of the stone will be vastly different from a diamond that is of a higher quality. We will always help all of our customers in finding a happy medium of the colour and clarity of a diamond, again not forgetting the cut grades.

Higher quality

Should you wish to achieve a finer quality diamond for your budget, we recommend looking at the colourless group, D, E and F. These colours are the whitest diamonds known and have no colour in them to the naked eye, appearing bright white.

Looking at diamonds with a clarity of VS1 and above will offer the purest diamonds available. A certification of GIA, HRD, IGI & AGS, will ensure the strictest of grading, in the safe knowledge that your investment has been appraised by the most superior opinions for complete peace of mind.

When selecting the ‘advanced options’ on our website, choosing the ‘excellent’ cut, polish and symmetry for rounds or ‘excellent’ polish & symmetry for fancy shapes. This will optimise the sparkle of the diamond and give maximum refraction of light.

The decision

The decision ultimately lies with what you believe is best value for your money. Deciding this can be a hard process, but our diamond consultants are always available to help, they are always happy to give impartial advice and assist with any questions you have with regards to your purchase.


Information on clarity 

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GIA International Gemoological Institute HRD Antwerp National Association of Jewellers