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Top 5 Christmas proposal locations – As voted by our customers

13th October 2014

With Christmas just around the corner, many would-be proposers, choose this to be their chosen time of year to, as they say… Pop the question!

We asked our customers in our Birmingham Jewellery Quarter showroom, to vote from 20 locations, for what would be their ultimate Christmas proposal location. Here is our top 5, you probably won’t be surprised at what came number 1. We’ve also included links to websites we believe will help you gather some more inspiration.

So here they are…

Number 5 – Shere, Surrey, England

Many of our customers wondered where this was, but as soon as we mentioned ‘The Holiday’ starring Cameron Diaz, many of our romcom enthusiasts shouted ‘there!’. Shere in Surrey is a beautiful village with a variety of places to stay!

Beautiful setting for a Christmas proposal in Surrey, England - Diamond Dealer Direct - Birmingham Jewellery Quarter

Beautiful setting for a Christmas proposal in Surrey, England

Number 4 – Paris, France

As we all know, Paris is a romantic city, probably why it’s known as the ‘city of love’. There are countless places to go and see, there’s a Christmas market and not to mention the stunning array of Christmas decorations that will be on display.

Arc De Triomphe in Paris - As voted by our Jewellery Quarter showroom customers

Arc De Triomphe, a stunning setting with Christmas decorations and lights.

Number 3 – Edinburgh, Scotland

Who could resist a walk around the beautiful city of Edinburgh. We certainly couldn’t! With breath-taking views and stunning locations, the possibilities are endless for the ideal settings for the perfect proposal.


Edinburgh boasts stunning scenery and fantastic culture.

Number 2 – Rome, Italy

Little or no surprise here. Rome, the quintessential destination for romance. This city during the winter months, has plenty of relaxing places to go and see and most importantly, plenty of ideal locations for a proposal.

St. Peters Sqaure

A stunning back drop for a proposal. St. Peters Square at Christmas time.

Number 1 – New York, USA

Shopping and romance? Every lady’s dream. This destination provides everything in one place, with smaller intimate locations to vast open spaces for that public gesture. New York surely has something about it that just offers that something special.

New York Christmas

This city will mesmerise anyone with the stunning lights and places to visit.

So there you have it, our top 5 destinations for a Christmas proposal. If you would like some more information on choosing a diamond, then click here for some advice on choosing the perfect diamond.

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