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Essential jewellery for women

14th October 2015

Jewellery is a many splendored thing. If you look hard enough, you’ll be able to find a piece of jewellery for every part of your body. In fact, every inch of skin is now open for something sparkly thanks to epidermal piercings!

We have become so reliant on using jewellery to put the finishing touch to the look we are going for, that most of us even have our own essential jewellery collection.  The designs of the actual pieces of essential jewellery vary from person to person and are used to not only perfect our look but to also express our personality, which is great when you are wearing something like a formal business suit that doesn’t let you express who you are much.  At Diamond Dealer Direct we stock a wide range of essential jewellery in stunning designs and for various occasions, which means we are sure to have a piece of essential jewellery that is perfect for you.  

essential jewelery

There are certain pieces of jewellery that women and men should have in their collection, for if and when they need them. Today, we’ll be looking at four pieces of jewellery for women of all ages. Of course, personal taste and other constraints will dictate if these items are indeed “essential” or not for you or your partner, but this list will hopefully cover the bulk of your jewellery needs.


We’ll start with the item of jewellery closest to Diamond Dealer Direct’s heart – the ring. Rings hold a lot of significance in society, and have done for thousands upon thousands of years. Obviously there are wedding and engagement rings, but as you’ll see in our other blog post, “Different rings for different occasions”, there are far more significant rings out there.

But of course, a ring doesn’t always have to carry deep meaning – they can simply be attractive accessories. It can be very helpful to have a handful of plain or subtle rings to hand should you ever feel the need to dress up without putting on all of your most expensive rings.


At Diamond Dealer Direct our biggest collection of essential jewellery has to be our wide and beautiful range of rings.  We offer:

  • Diamond rings: for 600 years we have been proudly wearing the shimmering and dazzling diamond ring and over this time it has become an absolutely essential jewellery item for any woman.  In our Birmingham showroom we have four stone diamond rings, five stone diamond rings, seven stone diamond rings, and even a variety of cluster rings for a piece of essential jewellery that really has the wow factor.
  • Engagement rings: planning to propose or just looking to update your engagement ring, we have a fantastic range.  Our classic solitaire rings are available with stones in all different shapes.  We stock a range of traditional and spectacular diamonds, which are round or square in shape, such as the gorgeous ‘Bella’ ring or the spectacular ‘Aria’ ring. Some of our more elaborate, exciting and unique designs include rings such as the stunning heart shaped ‘Annalise’ ring and the beautiful opal shaped diamond of the ‘Cara Diamond Engagement ring’.  The uniquely rectangle shape of the ‘Ella Diamond Engagement Ring’ and the fabulous pear shaped diamond of the ‘Xanthia’ style.  Or even the diamond shaped diamond of the ‘Francesca Diamond Engagement Ring’, the choices are endless.
  • Eternity rings: the ring designed to signify an everlasting, eternal love between two people is an essential jewellery choice for anyone in a serious relationship.  We stock both half and full eternity rings in various styles and using only the best diamonds.  You can choose from 18ct yellow, white and rose gold, platinum and even palladium.


Though it is the only piece of jewellery on this list that requires extra work, via an ear piercing, earrings and studs are fairly widespread, to the point that it could be argued that they are the second most common jewellery item in the world. To that end, having a variety of them in your jewellery box means you can always separate yourself from the crowd.


You can go reserved and subtle with a neat ear stud, or show a little flair with a diamond encrusted in ring. Even pushing the boat out with a couple of big hoops isn’t out of the question! Just as with rings, there are earrings to suit any occasion.

Our second biggest collection of essential jewellery is earrings.  We have a range of truly breath taking designs available, the stones come in different shapes so that you can create your own set of jewellery by matching your earrings.  We stock studded earrings cut in a square, oval or circle shape or for a look with even more of a wow factor, we have dazzling dangly earrings which look simply divine.


Bracelets are back in a big way thanks to the resurgence of charm bracelets. It is easy to see why – they represent an easy, long term gift buying opportunity, and are a way to accumulate meaningful gifts from everyone. Plus, they make for great attention grabbers and conversation starters. You may not have one right now, but now is the ideal time to invest in one.


Again, we have a piece of jewellery that can either be loaded with personal meaning, or be a simple flashy accessory. Necklaces are frequently brought as gifts, as you don’t need to know if the recipient has their ears pierced or what their ring size is, but can also be passed down as heirlooms. As you may not want to risk something this precious, it is also a smart idea to have a few simple ones in reserve.


They can still add class to an outfit, even if they don’t have any sentimental value attached. The same goes for pendants – they work really well with both sheer front dresses, and formal attire alike.

If you have a variety of these items in your possession, you’ll never be left wanting for the right jewellery, no matter what the occasion.

GIA International Gemoological Institute HRD Antwerp National Association of Jewellers