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Little things we forget when planning a wedding

5th January 2016

If you’ve started planning a wedding, you’ll know it requires near military precision and, just like choosing the perfect ring, can be a daunting task. With so many constituent elements to plan for and keep track of, it can be incredibly easy to miss the little things which will make your big day special.

In this post, I’ve got 7 wedding essentials you may just have overlooked.



A ‘techy’ wedding may not feel particularly romantic or traditional, but by creating a website you could save both yourself and your guests an inordinate amount of time. You don’t need to get too fancy; a simple WordPress template with a nice photo, location, directions and accommodation information will do wonders.


No one wants to see Uncle Frank collapse under the table at the wedding breakfast having inadvertently eaten the nuts contained within his starter. Make sure you find out if any of your guests have food allergies well in advance of the date and inform the venue so that they can offer alternative dishes.

Rain plan

Planning for rain is a tough reality every bride and groom must face. However, it doesn’t have to be disastrous, and if you plan for it, rain won’t spoil your wedding. Look at historical weather patterns for your chosen day and ensure every element of the day can still take place should Mother Nature strike.

The golden hour

The photographs taken during your wedding will be treasured forever and, while you’re probably not a professional photographer yourself, it pays to be aware of the sunset time in order to plan the day around those all-important snaps. Just bear in mind that the natural light offered one hour before sunset is known as ‘the golden hour’ and is favoured by photographers

Bridal party logistics

Imagine inadvertently showing off the wedding dress to your guests before the church. Worse still, imagine bumping into the groom before the ceremony. Welcome to one of the most essential decisions to make for a wedding! By planning the precise movements of the bridal party well before the big day, you’ll ensure there are no unfortunate encounters or mad dashes to the church.



One thing any honest wedding planner will admit is the fact that things rarely happen on time. Don’t make the mistake of planning everything down to the minute – allow for half an hour or so either side of each key event (and don’t panic when things overrun).


Photo frame and autograph hunter

You’ll doubtless get lots of lovely presents from your guests, but you may have overlooked one of the most precious which won’t dent their pocket at all – the photo frame. Simply buy a large frame with plenty of room for people to write on and task the person most likely to remain sober(ish) on the day with asking guests to sign it. Once you’ve got your photos back from the photographer, chose one to place in the frame and there you have it – the perfect wedding present to yourself

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