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Jewellery trends for Summer 2016

6th July 2016

If you look at the jewellery trends of last seasons, the statement necklaces, earrings and wrist cuffs have been getting bigger year in year. Last summer statement necklaces had reached the point where they covered up the whole chest while this season the runways have seen a considerable step towards smaller pieces. Don’t be fooled, though. It’s one step in a really long journey.

This season, hold away from colourful, statement jewellery and go for minimalistic, metallic, and graphic accessories. Metal is the new statement.

Body chains
Heavy and bold necklaces have been put aside and there is more and more body jewellery popping up. Alexander McQueen and Calvin Klein brought wonderful examples of body chains. Lightweight and almost like a messy multilayer web they embraced model’s body.

Another sign of minimalism and chic is the runway trend of clean and timeless pearls. Don’t think granny-style, think elegant and modern. This season designers have used pearls to give us back that smart voguish feeling and they have done it well. Especially inspirational have been Salvatore Ferragamo and Balenciaga designs.pearls

Unusual Chokers
The winds of the nineties have brought us back chokers but this season it wasn’t the narrow black leather string around the neck with an occasional pendant. Summer 2016 has its own exceptional choker fashion.You could say that designers really let their fantasy to work and came up with a whole new second generation of chokers. Unique styles and materials were used like metal combinations with a scarf like silk or warrior chokers made of metal and even pearls.

The accessory symbolising royalty had its comeback to be ready for summer 2016. We saw examples from nostalgic romantic chic of Saint Laurent to hints of futurism in Miu Miu designs.To be frank, tiaras might not be your go-to everyday accessory. However, if you are getting ready for a summer festival or even such a magical event as wedding tiara might just complete your look with a magnitude.tiara

African tribal notes
Flawlessly fitting to the summer vibe, fashion shows presented us with African tribe worthy fashion in both apparel and jewellery. Bright colours, rough threads and tassels on one side and bonelike, clay and stone necklaces on the other. This mystical and even ritual jewellery brings a certain feeling of a vibrant and rich cultural influence.

Raw stone necklaces
Tying up with metals and clean lines trend, Hermès and Bottega Veneta brought us massive raw stones and minerals worked into metal necklaces. Similarly to some other recent trends in fashion, this points out the on-going globalisation and willingness to come back to nature and our roots. Any minimalist will appreciate fine metal chains in combination with raw stones.Raw stone necklaces

Don’t match your earrings
You might have loads of earrings that look nothing alike, but do you have it in you to go around with a pair of completely different ones? Runways this season have seen differences in colour, size, small details or even completely different styles varying in the same pair of earrings. Alexander McQueen paired these with body chains but Etro presented their not so matching earrings in combination with floral chokers. This would be a challenge for any fashion lover.

GIA International Gemoological Institute HRD Antwerp National Association of Jewellers