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How to choose jewellery for someone who is very fussy

7th June 2017


There’s nothing worse than heading out on a shopping trip for someone who you know to be incredibly fussy. They may already seemingly have everything anyone could possible want; perhaps they take every opportunity to tell people just how difficult they are to buy presents for. Whatever the situation, buying jewellery for someone like this is perhaps the hardest task of all – unless you know how to conduct your due diligence and research.

Here’s 4 ways (and one for good luck) to buy jewellery for someone who is very fussy:

1. Speak to their friends

They might say they’re fussy, but if you speak to the person’s friends, you may just get a different story.

This is a particularly useful tactic for men when shopping for important rings. If you feel like you’ve hit a brick wall, suck up the courage to ask your loved one’s mates – they should be able to tell you instantly what will float her boat.

2. Check out what they already have

This isn’t easy, but worth some time investment.

Chances are, the person you need to buy for will already have plenty of jewellery, so spend some time paying attention and checking out what they wear on a day-to-day basis.

3. Nudge it into the conversation

There’s nothing quite like getting purchasing tips directly from the horse’s mouth, and if you can nudge the topic of jewellery into the conversation, you could be onto a winner.

Start the conversation with something along the lines of: “my mate at work was telling me he spent his live savings on an engagement ring” or (and this is almost destined to work, if the situation makes it appropriate) “I’m thinking about getting myself a new pair of earrings – what do you think?”.


You never know where it might lead.

4. Seek advice from a pro

If all else fails, you can do a lot worse than head to a bricks-and-mortar jewellery store for some professional advice.

Jewellers are able to call on years of experience to recommend jewellery based on a person’s style and personality. Therefore, very often all you need to do is ask.

Chances are, you’ll leave with the perfect jewellery gift.

Final tip: trust your intuition!

Sometimes, you’re right – even if you have nagging doubts.

If you think you know what to buy someone who is fussy, trust your intuition and just go for it. It’s harder than you think to get it catastrophically wrong, and they’ll likely be grateful for any gift that involves sparkling diamonds.

Remember – it’s the thought that counts.

GIA International Gemoological Institute HRD Antwerp National Association of Jewellers