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How to choose jewellery for a man who doesn’t usually wear jewellery

17th July 2017


“Real men don’t wear jewellery.”

How many times have you head that?

It’s an excuse – nothing more. Jewellery is not feminine – it never has been. There are simply right and wrong ways to wear it and both men and women are capable of picking the worst piece of jewellery imaginable.

If there’s a man in your life who has never worn jewellery before, but whom you think would suit it perfectly, picking something that won’t end up stuffed away in drawer after being worn just once is tricky.

That is, unless you follow these five rules:

1. Pick something they can wear with confidence

mans bracelet

Guys who don’t wear jewellery may be understandably reticent or nervous about doing so for the first time. It therefore pays not to go too outlandish or pick something that’s overtly showy.

Instead, focus your efforts on finding something that is slightly more reserved and which will help them build confidence with jewellery.

2. Go for jewellery that is situational-appropriate

The environment is everything when it comes to wearing jewellery – particularly if you’re not used to doing so.

With that in mind, consider regular or irregular events at which he could wear the jewellery and choose it based on the environment. For example, if it’s for a job interview or place of work, make sure it follows any dress code that’s in place.

Equally, if there’s a funeral or wedding on the horizon, pick something that befits the occasion perfectly.

3. Don’t over-accessorise

It’s fair to say that compared to women, most men won’t over-accessorise.


Sure, there are a few that will, but if you want to buy jewellery for someone who has never really worn it before, too much in one hit will only put them off further.

As noted in point one – pick something that’s understated, but which is also limited to just one, single piece (to begin with!).

4. Pick something that won’t be unbalanced

Does he already wear a wrist watch? If so, you probably shouldn’t by him a bulky bracelet that’s designed to go on the same arm – it’ll look unbalanced and messy.

Equally, one necklace is enough; far too many men make the mistake of overcompensating and piling necklace upon necklace or going overboard with bracelets.

That’s it!

See? Not as difficult as you thought, eh?

The right jewellery for your man is out there, and if you use our tips above, you’ll find the perfect piece – quickly.

GIA International Gemoological Institute HRD Antwerp National Association of Jewellers