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What your choice of wedding ring says about your relationship

22nd January 2018


Choosing the perfect wedding ring is one of the hardest things to do on the lead up to a wedding. This does, after all, represent the most important piece of jewellery you’re likely to place on your body. Finding the right ring is a bit like finding the right partner; it takes time, effort and an awful lot of hard work. However, when you’ve found the right one, you should find yourself happy for the rest of your life.

We thought we’d offer some insight into what your choice of wedding ring says about your relationship. Although, we should highlight that there is absolutely no science to this, and most of it is entirely superstition!

The Symbolism of Wedding Rings

It’s generally accepted that the significance of wedding rings dates back to ancient Egypt, when the endless circle represented the eternal bond between two people. The fact we wear wedding wings on the third finger of the left hand is also apparently significant, because it was once believed that a vein in that finger carried blood directly to the heart.

These symbols are still observed today, demonstrating the strength and symbolism of those ancient Egyptian beliefs. So, now that we’ve reminded ourselves of how important wedding rings are to most people, let’s consider a few of the styles you might choose and what they might say about your relationship:

Yellow Gold

Simple gold bands remain a common wedding ring choice. Their simplicity is liked by many because it isn’t garish or overly expensive. If you opt for this kind of ring, it may suggest that you’re strong and have simple ideas about how your relationship should work.

You’re probably very traditional, too, which isn’t a bad thing at all!

Diamond solitaire

Solitaire diamonds are common choices for engagement rings, but that doesn’t mean you can’t opt for the same kind of pizzazz on your wedding band. It’ll very much be down to personal style, but such a band will signify simplicity, elegance and a relationship that is solid, without any form of fuss or bother.

A Dash Of Colour

If you decide to add a splash of colour to the stones on your wedding band, the colour you choose might say a lot about the type of person you are, which will in turn indicate how you might approach the relationship:

Green: you’re earthy
Red: you’re active and vibrant
Dark blue: you’re wise and intuitive
Pink: you’re very romantic
Turquoise: you’re creative and talkative

The Family Heirloom

Wedding rings that have been passed down through generations usually represent the importance of heritage and, most notable, family.


This kind of ring honours the old with the new, and brides who choose to wear their husband’s family heirloom probably demonstrate just how important they consider raising a family to be. It also suggests that the connection goes far deeper than a marriage certificate.


A wedding ring that features multiple stones may indicate one of two things about the relationship it represents.

Multi-stone wedding rings could indicate a relationship that is complex, but also one which has many different facets. This isn’t a bad thing, but certainly demonstrates that you’re probably looking for multiple ways to show your love to your partner (again, not a bad thing at all, and it doesn’t suggest infidelity).


There are of course plenty of different metals you can choose when picking your wedding ring, but some are rather more impressive than others. As traditional and elegant as the varying types of gold are, titanium is a metal which, for many, symbolises strength.

If you opt for a titanium wedding ring (usually for the groom), it’s likely this is a symbol of that person’s personality. They’re probably very strong, never easily led or upset and will always shine, no matter what life throws at them.

The simple band

This is something lots of married couples opt for, and for good reason.

Brides and grooms that choose thin, simple wedding bands over the extravagance of multi-diamond rings are likely keen to demonstrate that they don’t really care what other people think. The simplicity of such a wedding ring represents a love that is focused, understated and entirely at ease with itself.

The ‘wrong’ ring

This is a tough one because it’s a choice that isn’t always that obvious from the start.


Depending on how you go about purchasing your wedding rings, you may fall victim to buying the ‘wrong’ one. For example, if the groom shops alone and chooses one for his fiancé, the incorrect choice might cause some problems.

In reality, this is probably far wide of the mark, therefore it depends on how superstitious you are. This is why most couples will shop for wedding rings together, to ensure that they communicate clearly on the type of ring they want to wear for the rest of their lives.

Wrapping up

When all is said and done, the choice you make when it comes to the wedding ring for your marriage will symbolise the commitment you’ve made to one another.

This is true whether the ring costs a small fortune or is simply a family heirloom that has been passed through generation to generation. It can be elegantly pretty or smart and understated, but whatever it is, your wedding ring should serve as a daily reminder of the dedication you put into your marriage.

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