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6 things you didn’t know about wedding bands

24th April 2018

Wedding bands (or rings – whatever you’d prefer to call them), have been a tradition for centuries. They demonstrate commitment, love and, in some cases, wealth.


If you’re already married or due to tie the knot soon, it’s highly like both you and your partner will choose to wear wedding bands which will remain on your fingers for the rest of your lives.

However, there’s a lot more to wedding rings than simple, elegant bands of metal. In this blog post, we’re going to list seven things you almost certainly won’t have known about wedding bands – until now!

1. They signify financial stability

In times gone by, one of the reasons for exchanging a wedding ring was for the guy to prove he had the financial muscle to support his wife.

The gift of precious metal therefore essentially said “I’ve got what it takes to provide for you financially”. A gesture that’s a little dated now, admittedly.

2. It’s all about the vein of love

Most people wear their wedding ring on their fourth finger of the left hand, but few probably know why.

It’s actually a tradition that dates back to Roman times, when people believed the ‘vena amoris’ (vein of love) was located within that very finger.

3. They should never be dropped on the big day

Tradition states that if the groom accidentally drops his bride’s wedding ring during the ceremony, the marriage is completely doomed.

Hold onto it tight, guys!

4. The male wedding band is relatively new

The tradition of men wearing wedding bands doesn’t date back that far at all, when you consider how long female wedding rings have been a tradition (centuries).

The tradition for both the bride and groom to wear a ring only started during World War II, when men began using them as a way to remember their wives while out on the battlefield.

5. Ancient Egypt might have been first

Although it can be highly debated, the first recorded wedding ring dates back to Ancient Egypt.

This was when couples exchanged circles as a way to symbolise marriage and an eternity of being with one another.

6. Engraving is more common than you might think

If you’re already married and you’re a guy, is your ring engraved?


If not, you might be in the minority, as it’s actually surprisingly common for grooms to have their name engraved onto their wedding band.

Perhaps you should join the engraving club?

Wrapping up

See? We told you there’s more to the humble wedding band than meets the eye!

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