Diamond Certification

Diamond certificates are issued with each and every diamond at Diamond Dealer Direct LTD. We use all major grading laboratories such as the GIA, IGI, HRD, EGL (International & USA) & AGS.  Diamond certification is an independent opinion of a diamond’s properties. The diamond report, or dossier, includes the diamond’s measurements and defines what the carat weight, colour and clarity are. The cut, polish and symmetry are also graded, along with the fluorescence. More details on each certificating laboratory are given below.

GIA – Gemmological Institute of America

The GIA was first established in 1931. With its headquarters in New York, they are a non-profit organisation with an aim to provide the industry and public with the strictest opinion on all diamonds and gems. They were the creators of what is now known as the 4 Cs used when grading diamonds.

IGI – international Gemmological Institute

The IGI was first founded in 1975 Antwerp. With offices now in New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto, Hong Kong, Mumbai, the Seepz Zone, Kolkata, New Delhi, Surat, Dubai, Bangkok, Tokyo and Tel Aviv, the IGI is the largest independent gemmological grading laboratory across the globe. The IGI are one of the leading independent grading laboratories in the world, who aim to give the best opinion with regards to any diamond or gem.

HRD – The Diamond High Council – Hoge Raad voor Diamante

Founded in 1976, The HRD Diamond Grading Lab is based in Belgium, and is well known and highly regarded in the European marketplace. The abbreviation HRD stands for “Hoge Raad Voor Diamant” in Flemish. In English this translates to “Diamond High Council”.

AGS – American Gem Society

The AGS was founded in 1934 by Robert M. Shipley, who also founded the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA). Members are held to a high code of ethics with emphasis on consumer protection and education.

The Society is based in Las Vegas (Nevada), along with the affiliated American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL) (founded in 1996) and the American Gem Society Advanced Instruments Division (founded in 2004).

EGL Worldwide or International – European Gemmological Laboratory

Since 1974, EGL International has demonstrated its expertise in gemmology and diamond certification using the most updated technology and laboratory equipment. The EGL has laboratories based in Antwerp (1973), Johannesburg (1980), London (1981), Paris (1981), Tel Aviv (1982), Istanbul (1990), Seoul (1990), Mumbai (2003) and Cape Town (2007).

EGL USA – European Gemmological Laboratory United States of America

EGL USA is a completely different certification laboratory to EGL international. EGL USA’s main office is located in New York’s diamond district and has been there since 1977. The lab became independently owned and operated in 1986. The EGL USA is comprised of four North American labs based in New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Toronto.