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While some may balk at the average perceived cost of a wedding, this has continued to fall in recent years.
In fact, the latest data shows that the average cost of a wedding in the UK is around £15,171, with this having fallen from £16,005 in 2019. As with all averages and surveys, your millage may vary.
However, spending your budget is easier said than done, and it’s easy to overlook some important items of expenditure. Here are three things that absolutely no wedding should be without!

The Rings

Both engagement rings and wedding bands are two of the most important and symbolic investments that you’ll make in your life, with their value extending far beyond their initial cost and the materials that are used to produce them.
Wedding bands are particularly important, as they represent a symbol of marriage and your union with a loved one. As a result, they embody your partnership in physical form, and strengthens the bond that’s sealed with your vows.
There are many different types of wedding band, of course, while alternative stones and precious metals are used to craft various shapes.
So, the key is to select the bands that most suit your personal sense of style, while also targeting rings that are comfortably within your financial budget!

wedding ringdiamond set wedding rings

The Dress

Even as a groom, you have to recognise that your partner may have dreamt of their wedding day since they were incredibly young.
This means that they will likely have envisioned their dress and have a crystal clear idea of what they’re looking for, and it’s unfair to ask your partner to compromise on their ideals so long as you have the necessary budget to buy their dream garment.
Even if this means cutting back on costs elsewhere in the budget, this is a small price to pay if your partner can buy and wear the wedding day dress of their absolute dreams!
Make no mistake; any romantic wedding day needs a beloved dress, and one that helps the bride to recreate the ceremony of her dreams!

A Guest List

While we’d all like to invite everyone we know to the wedding ceremony and evening reception (especially as we’d like to show off!), this is not always a practical solution.
In fact, attempting to invite or placate everyone on your wedding day can lead to a complete disaster, and one that either causes you to exceed your budget or dramatically cut your numbers as the event approaches.
Instead, it’s far better to establish fixed numbers and create a viable guest list ahead of time, in line with your budget and the cumulative cost of your venue and food. Sure, this may require you and your partner to make some tough decisions, but it’s better to work through these early rather than putting them off to a later date.
In this respect, a guest list can actually save a great deal of time, money and heartache, both for you and those who may not ultimately be invited to the ceremony or reception.

There’s no getting away from it - planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things you’ll do in life.

Which is odd, because it’s also one of the most exciting and joyous.

This creates a huge amount of anxiety, stress and frustration in lots of soon-to-be-wed couples, and it’s totally understandable. Certainly, if you’re feeling anxious about planning your own wedding right now, you’re no different to anyone else.

The good news is that there are some tried-and-tested methods for reducing or completely eradicating anxiety linked to wedding planning. So, without further ado, here’s our five favourite tips for what to do when planning your wedding gets too much.

1. Anticipate the anxiety - and skip it

This takes some practice, but the more you do it, the better you’ll get at it, like anything in life.

You’ll know that dreaded feeling of wedding anxiety; it approaches you quickly, but pretty inconspicuously. So, with that in mind, try and anticipate when you’re heading into the anxiety zone and avoid it entirely by dropping the planning and doing something completely different.

2. Make decisions - be super decisive

Choice, choices!

Picking an engagement ring might be one of the hardest tasks when it comes to weddings, but it pales in comparison to some of the decisions you have to make when it comes to the planning stage.

Who to invite, who not to invite, how much money to spend on the venue; the choices and options are endless.

The easiest way to get around this form of wedding anxiety is to simply make decisions. Be decisive by reminding yourselves that this is your day, no one else’s.

3. Don’t compare your wedding to anyone else’s

There’s a brilliant saying: comparison is the thief of joy.

One of the biggest reasons people get stressed during wedding planning is because they continually compare their own big day to someone else’s.

Don’t. Remember that saying above. This is your day, and unique to you as a couple. And, guess what - it’ll be amazing! The more you time you spend comparing, the more likely you are to have to reschedule entirely.

4. Put in place plenty of contingencies

Accept that things will go wrong. Not big things, but small things - and that’s totally manageable.

However, it’s only manageable if you have contingencies in place.

So, think about contingencies for as many outcomes as possible. Backup entertainment, a second venue on standby, and all forms of clothing and protection to cope with all forms of weather will put your mind at ease.

The more prepared you are for every eventuality, the less stressed you’ll be - it’s that simple.

5. Steer clear of drama

This one is a little harder than the rest, but very important.

A bit like things going wrong, you can bet your bottom dollar that there’s some form of drama on the lead up to the big day.

Whether it’s certain people not being invited or something else, steer clear of it and focus on each other. The drama will soon subside and it’ll be like it never happened.

Wrapping up

The takeaway today really is that this is your day. The more in control of it you are and the more selfish (as terrible as that sounds) you are, the less anxious you’ll feel.

And remember - if it all gets too much, just take a break from planning. You can always return to it tomorrow.

You only intend on having one honeymoon, and just like your wedding, that means it needs to be the best possible honeymoon you could ever arrange.

For many couples, that adds a significant amount of stress and pressure to what should be an enjoyable, exciting planning period. It’s therefore a shame that it can become almost as stressful as choosing the right engagement ring.

The good news? It doesn’t have to be like that at all, and with our five tips below, you can create a honeymoon which turns into the holiday of a lifetime.

1. Don’t go overboard

There are countless cheap honeymoon ideas out there, and they shouldn’t be dismissed.

There’s a misnomer that you have to spend a fortune on your honeymoon if it’s to be special, but the opposite is true. There’s no need to keep up with the Joneses.

Of course, if you have the budget and inclination to do so, you can spend a huge amount of money on your honeymoon, but some of the best are carried out on a small budget, with the more important stuff taking central stage (i.e. the location and what you do while there).

2. Book a time that works perfectly for both of you

This one’s easy. Find a time in the diary that works for you both. Work commitments aside, you need to make the most of the time you have available.

This might mean taking the honeymoon long after your wedding. And that’s fine!

3. Decide on a balance between relaxation and adventure

This is really important, but it’s entirely a personal decision and depends on how adventurous you both are.

There’s nothing wrong with not being adventurous, either - particularly during your honeymoon. However, it’s a good idea to try and mix at least some of your time between chilling out and exploring the destination.

So, take some time to plan what you want to do while there, and mix the more energetic, adventurous stuff with some serious chill out time.

4. Get shot of your phones (for a while)

This particular holiday really is all about you both - that’s it. Phones can be a troublesome distraction during everyday life, but they’re even more of a nuisance during a honeymoon.

Take your phones, by all means, but promise yourselves that they’ll regularly be left tucked away in the room’s safety deposit box. Those emails, messages and phone calls can all wait.

5. Tell the hotel it’s your honeymoon ahead of time

It’s amazing how many people forget to do this, but it’s important to let the hotel know it’s your honeymoon ahead of time.

Why? Because they’ll probably do something to make your stay just that little bit more special. It’s never guaranteed, but there’s a strong chance you’ll receive a gift or two and a rose petal bed welcome when checking in.

All you have to do is tell them the reason for your visit!

Wrapping up

We hope our tips have helped you plan the most amazing honeymoon. Just remember that this is entirely your time away, so make it as special as you can.

When working out how to plan a wedding ceremony, most couples have a lot longer than 3 months in which to do so.

So - how to plan a wedding in 3 months? It’s actually a lot easier than you might think.

All you need is a detailed wedding checklist and knowledge of how to plan a wedding step-by-step. And, while there are lots of wedding planning tips out there, none are quite as simple or effective as what you’re about to read.

Month 1

Whether you’re starting from scratch or having to reschedule your wedding, month 1 is where the most mistakes can be made.

However, get it right, and it’ll be the most productive month, too.

  1. Get the legalities sorted - this is an essential first step.
  2. Create the guest list.
  3. Pick the date.
  4. Pick the venue and book any accommodation that’s needed.
  5. Start sending out emails and texts to your most important guests about the date.
  6. Book the caterer, photographer and band or DJ.
  7. Get the florist sorted.
  8. Start dress and suit shopping, and do the same for the wedding party.
  9. Order the cake and any stationery you need.

Month 2

It’s getting closer, and there’s still plenty to do. Don’t drop the pace!

  1. Get the honeymoon sorted and check your passports if you’re heading abroad.
  2. Send out the full wedding invitations and start making a note of RSVPs.
  3. Plan how the ceremony will pan out.
  4. Choose hen and stag party dates and get them booked up.
  5. Book hair and makeup trials and book the one you prefer.
  6. Get the wedding transport in order for the day.
  7. Buy the rings.

Month 3

This is it; your wedding is within grasping distance!

You’ve done lots of the hard work, but there are still a few odds and ends to tidy up before you can relax and enjoy the big day.

  1. Finalise the bride’s outfit and sort out any alterations if they’re needed.
  2. Confirm the decor and flower details for the venue.
  3. Create an on-the-day timeline and share with the people who need to know it the most (wedding planner, venue, DJ, photographer, etc).
  4. Book any last minute beauty requirements, such as haircuts, tans, or nails.
  5. Finalise the menu with one final tasting.
  6. Buy gifts for your wedding party, family and any helpers.
  7. If you’re doing any DIY projects for the wedding (or crafts) make sure they’re completed.
  8. Review that RSVP list and get in touch with any guests who are yet to respond.

Wrapping up

That’s it! We’ve covered the most common wedding planning activities above, but it’s important to remember that this is your day - no one else's.

You may, therefore, have some additional items to add to the above to-do lists. Just make sure you don’t over stretch yourselves; 3 months isn’t very long at all, and the time will absolutely fly by.

The last piece of advice is to enjoy your wedding planning. It should be just as exciting as the big day itself and it's a once in a lifetime thing for you as a couple - make the most of it!

Everyone has friends who spent an absolute fortune on their honeymoon. Bali, exploring the US, hiking up Machu Picchu - the list of fantastical destinations to which you could head with your loved one is endless.

It’s also very expensive. And, after what may have been a rather expensive wedding, you may be wondering how you can afford the honeymoon at all.

Good news: you don’t have to spend loads on your honeymoon. Here are a few ideas for cheap honeymoons that you probably haven’t thought of.

Go back to the place you first met
Unless you happen to have met somewhere that costs a packet to get to or experience again, there’s nothing wrong with revisiting where it all began.

Even if it was during a night out in a random pub somewhere, going back to that place you first laid eyes on each other is a great way to celebrate what followed.

Book a staycation
There are so many wonderful places to explore in the UK, which means you don’t have to head abroad to some far-flung destination just to celebrate your marriage.

So, why not instead look to coastal areas of the UK, or select one of the many major, attractive cities for your honeymoon? You’ll find some great prices on hotels, and for local attractions, that’ll help you save cash, big time.

Spend an entire week doing stuff you want to do - at home
A honeymoon at home might sound incredibly lacklustre, but if you’ve got a long list of things you’ve wanted to do but haven’t been able to, due to work commitments for example, why not spend your honeymoon investing in your home and yourselves?

For instance, it might be nothing more than spending a week renovating a room or doing up the garden. For some couples, this is the idea of celebrating living together and being wed, so it’s not as odd as it sounds.

Book a last minute escape
Last minute holidays are still available in plentiful supply, which is why it’s a great idea to look for them for your honeymoon.

The other option is to book and plan well in advance, but you’ll often pay more for the privilege of doing so - particularly when the ‘h’ word is mentioned!

Break up your honeymoon into several shorter getaways
One of the best ways to reduce the cost of your honeymoon is to spread the cost by drawing it out for longer.

This has two benefits. Firstly, you’ll remove the need to pay a huge lump sum up front to celebrate your marriage. Secondly, it’ll enable you to enjoy the honeymoon for longer by booking lower-cost getaways over the course of a year or two.

Wrapping up
The best news about the cheap honeymoon ideas above is that they’re still capable of delivering the most memorable time possible.

The most important thing is that you do something that is right for you both. It is, after all, your honeymoon - no one else’s!

Whether you’re a seasoned public speaker, experienced standup comedian or an introvert who hates having the spotlight shone on them, delivering a wedding speech to a room full of guests can be nerve-wracking.

You might be the groom, best man, father of the bride or the bride herself - whatever the reason for having to grab the mic on the big wedding day, you’re probably feeling a little anxious.

Good news: you can do this! Here are five ways to prepare for one of the most important speeches you’ll ever give.

1. Write it - don’t wing it

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of ad-libbing for a wedding speech, but too much will probably lead you down a bit of a rambling path.

To avoid that, make sure you actually write out your wedding speech. You don’t need to do it word for word or end up with eighteen pages of A4 paper, either (see tip 3) - you just need to capture all of the important suff before you forget it.

2. Rehearse it, but don’t over-rehearse it

Like anything big in life, rehearsing your wedding speech is vitally important if you’re to nail it on the day.

However, tread with caution here; there’s such a thing as over-rehearsing a speech.

It might sound counter productive not to continually rehearse the words you’re going to say on the big day, but the more you run through what you’re going to say, the more likely you are to wander off course when the time comes.

Also, the more you rehearse something, the less impactful the words will be in your own mind.

3. Read from cue cards

Most of the greatest speakers work from cue cards, rather than pieces of A4 paper.

A cue card contains just a paragraph or two of your speech, enabling you to break it down into smaller chunks and making it less likely you will lose your place each time you look up and back down again.

Your speech will be far easier to read this way and much less daunting. You can also have a bit of fun by flinging the cards behind your back when finished if you’re going for comic effect!


4. Idiot-check any bits you’re unsure about

This is particularly important for best man reception speeches, but every wedding speech may contain material that could be taken the wrong way by someone in the room. The last thing you want to do is to offend the mother of the bride, for example!

If you’ve written something you’re unsure about, and which is bothering you, run it past someone to see if your concerns are valid. If they are, remove it - you’ll feel better for doing so, and it’ll decrease the chance of any slip-ups on the day.

5. Remind yourself it’ll be the easiest audience ever

Guess what? The audience you’ll deliver this speech to will be the easiest one ever to tame.

They’ll be rooting for you. They won’t want you to fail. They’ll laugh at your jokes (even if they’re not particularly funny), and they’ll make you feel comfortable as soon as you stand up.

This is rare - make the most of it!

Wrapping up

The most important tip for delivering wedding speeches of any kind is to enjoy the experience. You’ll probably only get to do this once (depending on your role), and it really is an amazing feeling.

Let’s not beat around the bush - there’s an awful lot you have to remember while planning a wedding.

This means certain things get forgotten. And that’s fine, to a degree - you can’t be expected to cover every single minutiae, particularly when some of that stuff simply won’t be missed on the day.

However, there are some things that you really will need to remember, but which are commonly forgotten during the planning phase. 

Here are five of the most common.

1. A contingency plan for unexpected weather

If you’re getting married in the UK, one thing is almost certain - the weather will probably surprise you at some stage.

For instance, it might be a lot hotter than you thought it was going to be. Or, more frustratingly, it could rain without warning.

Make sure you have brollies, sun cream and anything else you might need to deal with unexpected weather on the big day.

2. Sunset (golden hour) photography

Ask any photographer when the best time to shoot a wedding is, and they’ll tell you it’s during something called ‘golden hour’.

This is the last hour before the sun sets. It’s when the light is at its softest and when you’ll get the best possible photos for your wedding. Make sure that time is scheduled into your day.


3. A wedding website

Creating websites these days is a lot easier than you might think, and that’s why a wedding website is one of the best things you can spend time creating.

Your website can be used to offer details about the day, an RSVP list, a present list, and anything else you want people to know about the day, without having to send out individual correspondence.

4. A change of clothing for the evening

We’re not suggesting the bride changes from her dress into ‘going out clothes’ for the evening (unless that’s what she wants to do, of course!), but you both may want to relax things a little when it’s time to party.

For instance, a change of footwear or a fresh shirt for the groom could be enough to help you chill out and relax your bodies at the end of what will be a very long day.


5. The signature master

How many times have you heard your friends mention how much they regret not getting enough signatures during their wedding day?

Signature books or photo frames are brilliant ways to remember the wedding, and a key memento for most married couples. With this in mind, make sure someone is tasked with getting as many signatures on the day as possible.

Wrapping up

Don’t beat yourself up if you’re reaching the end of the planning phase of your wedding and you’ve realised you’ve forgotten one or more of the above.

The good news is that these little details are actually pretty easy to arrange at short notice, so make sure they’re on your to-do list today - then you can get on with the fun bit; actually getting married!

There are many reasons why you may need to reschedule your wedding.

There might be a budgetary issue you’ve suddenly encountered. Perhaps an illness needs to be overcome before you can fully enjoy the day. It might simply be that you realise you’ve rushed the plans and a future date would be better.

Whatever the reason for rescheduling your wedding, it’s an entirely personal decision. It’s therefore important to remember from the start that this is your day, and you need to be comfortable that it’s taking place at the right time.

So, we’ll assume you’ve decided to reschedule your wedding, but you’ll undoubtedly be concerned about how to do so without upsetting people, losing money or ruining the day itself.

Here’s what you need to do.


Speak to your venue and suppliers as soon as possible

Your guests are probably at the foremost of your mind at the moment, but the venue and suppliers are the first people you need to contact if you decide to postpone your wedding.

If you’ve got a date in mind for the rescheduled wedding, speak to them about moving to that date. You may be surprised to find out that you can often do so without being charged.

Depending on the situation, most venues and suppliers will understand - particularly if you provide them with as much notice as possible. However, if the wedding is due to take place in a couple of weeks, for instance, be prepared to foot the bill for a cancellation fee.

Start by making a list of all the suppliers you need to contact. There will be the venue, providers of music, caterers, suit hire shops, and other suppliers you have booked to provide services to make your wedding special.

Take a look at the contracts

Most of the suppliers you’re working with for the wedding will have contracts with you - particularly the venue.

Therefore, if you’re hit with a fee for moving the date, make sure you understand the contract. Look for clauses that match your situation (for instance, if force majeure is a reality) or which work in your favour.

However, if you’re looking to reschedule rather than cancel the wedding entirely, it pays to work with your suppliers rather than against them. They should be reasonable people, and most should work with you to arrange a new date at little or no cost to yourself.

Devise a plan to inform your guests

Sure, the last thing you want to do is ruin people’s day by letting them know that you’re having to reschedule your wedding, but if you plan, you’ll minimise any fallout.

The trick lies in being honest. Be totally open about why you’re having to move the date. Don’t sugarcoat it or make something up to hide the real reason; explain exactly why you’re having to make this tough decision. Reassure people that everything’s ok and explain when the new date will be (whether that’s much later or close to the original date).

You’ll also need to think about the mechanics of informing your guests. Some, you’ll perhaps want to do in person (i.e. those closest to you, such as bridesmaids, close friends and family members), but the rest can be contacted in the same way you sent out the invites. The benefit here is that you can simply return to your original guest list and work through it systematically.

Keep in mind that some people may not be able to make the new date, therefore you will need to be prepared for some disappointment on their - and your - part. The best way to deal with this is to promise that you’ll make it up to them with a separate celebration, just for them.

Work with your guests to resolve any problems

Some guests may already have booked accommodation for your wedding. This can a tricky situation to overcome, as hotels may levy a fee for rescheduling the stay.

First, speak to the hotel, explain your predicament, and see if there’s a way to reschedule the stays without incurring charges. If charges are unavoidable, then you could see if you have any budget left in the wedding pot to cover them on your guests’ behalf. They will really appreciate this gesture, whether you fully cover the charges, or make a contribution of whatever you can afford.

Start planning the new day!

Once you’ve undertaken all the administration for rescheduling the wedding, you can turn your attentions to the new date.

This should be used as a pick-me-up for both of you (and your guests). In a way, it’s almost like organising your wedding all over again, albeit without some of the more tricky elements.

It’s important to enjoy this time for that reason. But, before you jump straight back in, take a breather. The rescheduling process will undoubtedly have taken its toll on you, and you deserve some respite.


Working towards the new date is an opportunity to revisit your original plans. Think of how many people you know who say they’d have done something different if they could have their wedding day again. Now you have the chance to do just that.

Think again about the theme, your choice of music and the schedule for the big day. Can you use this extra time to improve it? Are there certain things you had left on the cutting room floor that you can now add to the big day? Is there anything you had booked that you’re no longer bothered about?

Speak to the venue again, too. Are there any options for the new date that relate to the season, which weren’t possible when you originally booked? For instance, if your wedding has moved from winter to summer, do you now have a chance to hold your wedding in a marquee?

Don’t beat yourself up for getting upset

During this process, you may feel incredibly sad about what you’re having to do. Indeed, you may be feeling like that now while reading this.

If so, that’s absolutely fine and totally understandable. Allow yourself have a good cry and let it all out - it’s far better than bottling it up.

Rescheduling a wedding is never going to be fun - ever. But the more honest you are with yourself, your guests and your suppliers, the more easily you’ll get through this. That big day will happen eventually, and rescheduling is never the end of the world. The most important thing is to get the timing right for you.

Honeymoons are like the ultimate holiday. It’s your one chance to spend time with your perfect person in a perfect location.

It’s why so many couples spend far more on their honeymoons than they do their regular holidays.

That means you need to get this right and make it the honeymoon of a lifetime. And you’d be surprised by how easy it is to get things wrong; far too many couples rush their honeymoon preparations or forget some of the key ingredients.

With this in mind, we’d like to help you organise the best possible honeymoon for you and your loved one. The best news? We’ll help you save money while finding the best possible location and take much of the stress associated with honeymoon planning off your shoulders.

Without further ado, here are 10 brilliant honeymoon planning tips for newlyweds.

1. Start now - don’t leave it until the last minute

It might be tempting to leave your honeymoon preparations and booking until the last minute in the hope you’ll grab a great deal, but that could be a very bad idea indeed.

What if, in doing that, you end up with a useless choice of destinations and no real saving?

The great thing about honeymoons is that, providing you approach the right hotels and airlines, you should be able to bag a great trip, no matter your budget. Also, the sooner you start planning, the more likely you’ll be able to include everything you want to do.

2. Work in a few surprises for each other

Alongside the usual holiday checklist, you’ll want to add some extra spice for your honeymoon.

Promise each other that you’ll work in one or two surprises while you’re there. This could be a trip somewhere, experience or secret restaurant booking, but whatever it is, make sure it’s special enough to help you make great memories while honeymooning.

3. Let the hotel know that it’s your honeymoon

Some people neglect this step in the belief that they’ll be charged through the nose for mentioning the ‘H’ word. Often, the opposite is true.

By calling your hotel ahead of time to say you’re heading there on honeymoon, they may well do one or two things to make your stay extra special and without any additional cost to you.

It’s also worth asking if they can offer any honeymoon special deals or packages. As the old adage goes, if you don’t ask you’ll never know!


4. If you’re not ready for it yet - put it on hold

No one says you have to have your honeymoon immediately after the wedding. In fact, it’s common for couples not to do that, and to wait instead.

The reasons for not taking your honeymoon straight away can be numerous, from a lack of time to, more commonly, insufficient funds.

If you can’t afford or give time to the perfect honeymoon just yet, don’t despair - wait until you can. The best thing about this tactic is that it’ll be even more enjoyable and needed when the time comes!

5. Set a budget (but try and treat yourselves)

Working to a budget for your honeymoon might not sound particularly romantic, but it’s the best way to ensure costs don’t spiral out of control.

With that in mind, set yourselves a budget, but don’t make it too strict. Splash out a bit without putting yourself into debt, and try to spend money on the stuff that you deem to be a treat.

6. Use a travel agent

Travel agents can save you a huge amount of time organising and planning your honeymoon, so don’t be afraid to use them.

Some people think that as soon as travel agents hear the ‘m’ word, they see pound signs flying across their vision. And, while this might be the case for some unscrupulous agents, it certainly isn’t for those that are reputable.

Go and have a chat with a few to get an idea of prices and the ways in which they approach honeymoons. These guys know their stuff and might be able to find you the perfect destination that you’d probably never have considered yourselves.

7. Don’t copy someone else’s honeymoon

Everyone seems to be going to Mauritius, don’t they? So, why shouldn’t you do the same?

Unless that’s really what you want to do, don’t feel like you have to copy other people’s honeymoon ideas, or jump on the current bandwagon / trend. Your honeymoon is your honeymoon, no one else’s.

For instance, you might fancy a minimoon rather than an expensive far-flung holiday, and that’s absolutely fine.

Do what you want to do, and don’t be swayed by other people’s opinions about what you should be doing for your honeymoon. This holiday is about as personal as it gets.

8. Plan everything together

Nobody wants a honeymoon that ends in disaster because one member of the happy couple feels somehow shortchanged by the experience.

This is why it’s so important to plan the entire honeymoon together. Apart from the little surprises we mentioned earlier, this should be a joint effort.

That means researching flights together, looking for hotels and making sure you’re both happy with the budget and outcome.

It might feel like a bit of a chore at times, but if the going gets tough, just remind yourselves what this is all about.

9. Get recommendations from friends and social media

If you’re totally stuck for ideas, have a chat with your mates and see what they think would work. Granted, we said this was your honeymoon earlier, but a little bit of outside inspiration can go a long way.

You can do the same with social media. Searching a few honeymoon-related hashtags on Instagram and Twitter might reveal locations and adventurous ideas that you simply wouldn’t have thought of yourselves.

10. Head out during off-season

This last tip is a simple one and applies to pretty much everyone taking a honeymoon.

If you want to get the best prices, always head out off-season. This is when the kids are at school and most holiday companies slash their prices.

The result? The exact same experience for a fraction of the cost!

Wrapping up

See? Honeymoon planning should be fun for both of you, and if you follow our tips above, you’ll create something that will leave memories that last a lifetime.

Enjoy your honeymoon planning - it’ll be the best holiday you ever have, we promise!

It’s the job people love and hate in equal measure, but it’s hard to ignore the importance of becoming a best man for someone.

It’s the ultimate demonstration of friendship; by handing best man duties over to someone, you’re entrusting them with some of the most important elements of the biggest day of your life.

There’s the stag do (obviously), the guarding of the ring, and generally ensuring that everything goes swimmingly from the groom’s perspective.

If you’re looking for a best man guide, you’ve come to the right place. From best man gift etiquette to best man rules, we’ve got you covered.

So, if your mate, brother or colleague has asked you to undertake the role of best man, keep this guide close to hand!

What does it mean to be best man?

This is very much a personal thing, but a best man’s duties extend far beyond the organisation of a great stag do.

Being someone’s best man is a big responsibility. Just like the maid of honour, it makes you the main person in charge of one half of the soon-to-be-wed couple.

That means the groom trusts you, respects you and, clearly, counts you among one of (if not the best) friends he has.

We won’t get too soppy about this, but being a best man should be one of the proudest days of your life, and you can have an awful lot of fun while you’re at it!

Where does the best man tradition come from?

The best man is an age-old tradition, and traditional best man duties remain to this day.

But, where did it all come from?

Legend has it that the best man role originated in the 16th century with the Germanic Goths.

This guy was known as the ‘best man’ because he took on the role of ‘stealing’ the bride from her community or disapproving family, thus enabling her to marry. Quite a dude, from all accounts, and it’s likely he was pretty handy with a sword, too.

The modern best man is rather different, clearly, but the premise still remains - he’s there to help the bride marry her groom while following the many best man rules.

What if I want two best men?

It’s becoming more common for grooms to have more than one best man, and that’s absolutely fine.

The best man duties list is pretty big, and sharing the burden makes sense, but that shouldn’t be the reason you opt for two.

Grooms who have two best men do so usually because they simply can’t choose between two of their best friends. And that’s fine - why upset someone on the biggest day of your life when you can let them both share the honour?

Typical best man duties and responsibilities 

There are lots of traditional best man duties to take into account when planning your wedding.

It’s entirely up to you in terms of how much you involve the best man in the below, but here are some of the most common answers to the question “what does a best man do?”:

  • Help choose the groom’s outfit. Arguably a little easier than picking the bride’s dress, the job of choosing the right morning suit is made far easier with another pair of hands.
  • Planning the stag do. No wedding is complete without what should be the groom’s best night out (or weekend) of his life, and the planning of it is almost solely down to the best man.
  • The speech. One of the biggest best man responsibilities is the speech. The ability to tread a fine line between humour and insult is vital, but this is probably his one chance to make an entire room of people laugh uncontrollably.
  • Look after the rings. Top of the best man duties checklist as far as the bride and groom are concerned is likely to be safeguarding the all-important wedding rings, which will need to be handed to the vicar or registrar during the ceremony. Don’t lose them!
  • Stay with the groom the night before. The night before the big day is a chance for the groom and best man to spend some quality time together (and probably have the odd drink, too).
  • Help the groom get ready on the day. When the wedding day arrives, the best man can usually be found ensuring the groom looks his best, ready for the ceremony.
  • Organise photos and key elements of the day. Wedding photographers will often look to the best man to help with arranging group photos, but best man duties on the wedding day can also extend to announcing key events, such as the cutting of the cake and the first dance.

There are, of course plenty of best man duties and speech examples to be found on the internet, but the above should set you in good stead for the most important elements of being a best man.

The ultimate best man checklist

So, we’ve covered the best man speech duties, stag do duties, wedding preparation duties, and other crucial tasks he will need to carry out. But if it’s a quick at-a-glance summary you’re after, here’s the ultimate checklist:

  • Organise the stag do (make it the best night of the groom’s life)
  • Help organise the groom’s and groomsmen’s wedding suit fittings (don’t worry - it’s easier than wedding dress shopping)
  • Organise gifts for the bridesmaids and the groom (forget the former at your peril)
  • Write and deliver the best man speech (who does the best man toast? As many people as possible!)
  • Delegate tasks to groomsmen and ushers (someone needs to guide people to the right seats in the church, eh?)
  • Collect items for the ceremony (think suits, button holes - that kind of thing)
  • Take care of the rings (enough said)
  • Help the groom get ready on the wedding day (make sure he ties his laces)
  • Organise guests for group photos (the photographer will thank you)
  • Make announcements at the reception (wedding parties need lots of guidance)
  • Toast the bride and groom (the easy bit)
  • Dance with the maid of honour after the first dance (hey, it’s tradition)

Wrapping up

We hope you find our best man wedding checklist and guide helpful - feel free to share with anyone who is given this vitally important role!

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