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Top 10 4 Carat Diamond Rings

Posted on 15th July 2018

If you are looking for a 4-carat diamond engagement ring we have a few tips before we give you our top 10 list. The first is to always choose a 4-carat diamond ring with an excellent cut and clarity.

When looking at the clarity of the diamonds you’ll see it represented as a code.  Diamonds with a flawless or an internally flawless clarity are very, very rare.

Diamond Clarity Codes

VVS2 stands for, inclusions are very difficult to see at a magnification of X10, and are near perfect diamonds.

VS1 & VS2 Diamonds are still very rare and extremely high-grade diamonds but the next levels down.

Sl1 is a further level down, inclusions at this level are possible to see if you are an expert and look very, very closely.

Our recommendation is to choose a diamond at level SI1 or above for a 4-carat diamond ring. With 4 carats the diamonds are larger, therefore, clarity becomes more important.

4 carat solitaire diamond ring price

The average cost of a 4 carat diamond ring can range from 25,000 pounds to 200,000 pounds or more, depending on the diamond's  clarity ,color and cut quality. In general, the higher the quality of a diamond of this carat weight, the higher its price. 4-carat diamonds are very, very rare so expect to pay big prices for a 4-carat diamond ring. 

Let’s have a look at our top 10 4 carat diamond engagement rings now.

Salome Excellent Six Claw Round Diamond Ring

The Salome is a 4 Carat solitaire diamond ring.  This round cut diamond will measure approximately 10.15mm and is set in a six claw setting which frames it beautifully and keeps the diamond secure.  Round cut diamonds are one of the most popular cuts and a 4 carat round cut diamond solitaire like this Salome ring is a very high-quality engagement ring.  


4 Carat Diamond Ring from 18,800 GBP

Electra Unique Rub Over Setting Round Diamond Engagement Ring

The Electra engagement ring is a unique setting.  The diamond sits inside a cone setting which has the effect of giving the ring a natural feel, turning the diamond into what could be a beautiful flower.


4 Carat Diamond Ring from 18,800 GBP

Francesca 4 Claw Twist Engagement Ring

We’ve chosen another round cut diamond ring for the third on the list. Set inside a 4 claw setting but with a unique twist which gives the ring more of a romantic feeling to it than a ring with straight lines.


4 Carat Diamond Ring from 18,800 GBP

Dessa Astonishing Marquise Cut Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Switching now to a completely different style of engagement ring.  The Dessa combines the marquise cut diamond, which is the stunning central diamond shape you see here.  Along with a halo setting which adds extra sparkle and impact. The Dessa is an intricate design which certainly makes a statement.


4 Carat Diamond Ring from 17,300 GBP

Delilah Round Diamond Double Halo Shoulder Set Engagement Ring

Back to our round cut diamonds but this time set inside a double halo of diamonds.  With a 4 carat central diamond surrounded by two layers of smaller diamonds, you can only imagine the amount of light shining on and out from this ring.

A halo setting always makes the central diamond look even larger so a 4-carat halo ring is quite spectacular. The central diamonds are further set off by the diamonds on the band of the ring which draws the eye straight to the center and the dazzling light.Delilah_engagement_ring

4 Carat Diamond Ring from 18,800 GBP

Cherry Single Halo Round Diamond Engagement Ring

The Cherry single halo has a distinctly vintage feel to it.  You choose the 4-carat diamond which will sit in the middle and our jewelers will cut it to a perfect round diamond to fit inside the halo setting. A ring of diamonds will encase it and the band will be encrusted with diamonds flanking the central setting.


4 Carat Diamond Ring from 18,800 GBP

Cameo Phenomenal Double Shoulder Emerald Cut Halo Engagement Ring

The Cameo is the only emerald cut diamond engagement ring we have included in our list.   A 4-carat diamond provides the opportunity for more intricate cuts such as the emerald, just look at how the light shines through and refracts from the stone, it’s exquisite. The Emerald cut diamond is surrounded by a halo of diamonds and a double band, both encrusted with further diamonds.  Opulence at its finest, the Cameo is an engagement ring fit for a queen or goddess.


4 Carat Diamond Ring from 20,300 GBP

Apulia Tasteful Princess Halo Diamond Ring With Diamond Shoulders

We move from opulence of the Cameo to a more understated, yet, still very beautiful engagement ring.  The Apulia is a princess cut diamond ring and is set in another halo setting. A single band encrusted with diamonds flanks either side of the halo.   The princess cut is one of the most popular, second only to the round cut.


4 Carat Diamond Ring from 22,900 GBP

Diana Marvellous Princess Trilogy Ring

We couldn’t go through this list without including a trilogy ring.  These have become very popular after Prince Harry & Meghan Markle wed in Windsor as this is very similar to the engagement ring given to Meghan.   Three beautiful stones set inside a 4 claw setting. You choose the central diamond and our jewellers will find the perfect diamonds to match.


4 Carat Diamond Ring from 22,900 GBP

Essie Fashionable Round Diamond Trilogy Ring

We end the list with an engagement ring which is completely unique & very contemporary.   The Essie diamond engagement ring is one of the most intricately designed engagement rings in our range. The diamonds almost look like they are floating in between the sweeping band.  You choose the central round cut diamond and our jewellers will find the perfect stones to flank it.


For pricing ask in store.

We hope this list has given you some inspiration. Come in store and speak to one of our diamond experts who will be happy to help you further.

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