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5 Stone Rings

When a single stone just isn’t enough…
Whenever you mention 5 stone diamond rings to a soon-to-be groom, his mind probably begins to race as he imagines huge and expensive items of jewellery that will far exceed his budget.However, what if we told you that a five stone ring can actually be sourced quite affordably here at Diamond Dealer Direct? You’d probably snap our hand off, but exactly is in our range and what can you get for your money?

What 5 Stone Rings do we Sell at Diamond Dealer Direct?

There are a couple of theories about the meaning of five stone rings, with some suggesting that they can be representative of five years in a relationship (potentially making them a fifth wedding anniversary gift!).Other sources suggest that the five stones represent five key qualities of a good relationship; namely love, commitment, trust, communication and empathy.
Regardless, we sell several such rings here at Diamond Dealer Direct, from our white gold 5 stone diamond ring to the striking, platinum 5 stone engagement ring alternative.
We also sell a rose gold 5 stone diamond ring to our discerning customers, so you can select a precious metal of your choice before confirming your preferred style and design.
As for budget, you can buy our Imogen and Gabriella designs for as little as £800. Conversely, our Harmony 5 stone ring will cost you as much as £1,500, while there are various options in-between depending on the precise amount that you have to spend!

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Whether you want an alternative- or more classical-looking style, the five-stone diamond ring is the perfect wedding or anniversary gift.
It is bold, but not too flashy, and the mesmerising sparkle of 5 perfectly selected stones is a timeless and unique choice.
The ring and diamonds come in a range of setting choices too, and we’re confident you’ll find what you’re looking for at Diamond Dealer Direct!

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