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A guide to choosing the best engagement ring

24th February 2022
So, you’ve finally met the right person and you’ve decided to propose… hardest part done right? Wrong. Finding the perfect engagement ring can be just as difficult as finding the perfect person.   There are so many choices, so many options and styles and the perfect ring doesn’t depend on your preference, but knowing what your […]

3 Times in Life Where Only Diamonds Will Do

3rd December 2021
We only ever think about giving diamond rings for marriage proposals, but what if we told you there were other times in life where only diamonds would do? Diamonds might not seem like the obvious choice in gift. Many people are put off by their reassuringly expensive price. However, there are few ways to declare […]

What finger do you wear a promise ring on

25th November 2021
What finger does a promise ring go on? The promise ring is the eternal symbol of faith and love in a partner – but which finger should you wear it on? We answer this dilemma below, and give a little background on where this unique, stunning tradition came from in the first place. Promise rings […]
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Most popular jewellry online

1st October 2021
Ever wondered what people are searching for when it comes to their jewellery? We were curious about who was buying up bling and what kind of bling they were buying, so we collected the data from Google search results to find out. We present to you the facts and figures of who is searching for […]

How to solve an argument with your partner about the wedding.

10th May 2021
UK couples are staying together than ever before, with the overall divorce rate having fallen to 33% as of 2019. We’re not surprised, as if a couple can survive the stress and challenges of planning a wedding, then they should be able to cope with whatever occurs after vows have been shared! But what are […]

The 3 things no wedding should be without

8th April 2021
While some may balk at the average perceived cost of a wedding, this has continued to fall in recent years. In fact, the latest data shows that the average cost of a wedding in the UK is around £15,171, with this having fallen from £16,005 in 2019. As with all averages and surveys, your millage […]

What finger do you wear a promise ring on

4th January 2021
Many of our customers often stop to ask: What finger does a promise ring go on? It’s widely accepted that promise rings can be worn on any finger of your choosing. Usually, promise rings are worn on the left hand’s ring finger (if the person isn’t married), or on the right hand if they are […]
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Which Finger Does An Engagement Ring Go On?

3rd January 2021
This is a question often asked.  It might sound obvious but it is not as straightforward as you might think as there are different traditions around the world. Engagement ring finger UK In the UK, the engagement ring is worn on the ring finger, which is on the left finger next to the pinkie.  We […]

What to do when planning your wedding gets too much

17th December 2020
There’s no getting away from it - planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things you’ll do in life. Which is odd, because it’s also one of the most exciting and joyous. This creates a huge amount of anxiety, stress and frustration in lots of soon-to-be-wed couples, and it’s totally understandable. Certainly, if […]

How to ensure your honeymoon is the holiday of a lifetime

16th December 2020
You only intend on having one honeymoon, and just like your wedding, that means it needs to be the best possible honeymoon you could ever arrange. For many couples, that adds a significant amount of stress and pressure to what should be an enjoyable, exciting planning period. It’s therefore a shame that it can become […]

How to plan a wedding in 3 months

30th July 2020
When working out how to plan a wedding ceremony, most couples have a lot longer than 3 months in which to do so. So - how to plan a wedding in 3 months? It’s actually a lot easier than you might think. All you need is a detailed wedding checklist and knowledge of how to […]

5 simple marriage proposal ideas that won't cost you a penny (bar the ring!)

17th June 2020
It’s possibly one of the biggest questions you’ll ever ask in your lifetime, but it’s also one of the trickiest to get right. Marriage proposals are laced with tradition and a certain degree of expectancy. However, doing it ‘right’ is different for everyone. If your idea of whisking your loved one off to a remote […]
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