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Diamond Dealer Direct established itself as a diamond wholesaler in 1972. As a longstanding supplier of fine polished diamonds to the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, we quickly grew and began offering our services to an international market.

After 40 years of experience in dealing exclusively with the jewellery industry, in 2005 the company decided to open its first public showroom in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter and offer its wholesale prices to the general public. Since then, demand for our services has grown, and we have opened a further two showrooms and undertaken a large internet presence.

Being one of the largest diamond stock holders in the country, we have developed global connections and have direct access to over 70% of the world’s polished diamonds. We can source and supply any specialist stones you may need from any of the world’s leading laboratories, including GIA, IGI and HRD, so we are certain to be able to supply any stone matching your tastes and budget.

With over 50 years of experience in dealing with fine polished diamonds, our knowledge is unparalleled. Our in-house diamond graders are fully qualified FGA DGA academics, so you can have the peace of mind that any product from us is of the highest standard.

From our showrooms in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, we can show you any stone from our stock, as well as hundreds of designs from our exclusive, local craftsmen. Email us now to arrange an appointment, or contact us on 0121 236 1907.

Our competitive edge

Over the last decade, the diamond industry has evolved on a massive scale into an extremely competitive market. Consumers have greater choice and access to more information and diamonds than ever before. So how have we managed, year-on-year, to increase our customer base and expand the company, whilst keeping our low, competitive prices?

Over the past 50 years, we’ve worked hard to grow and maintain strong relationships with a global supply chain of diamond suppliers, diamond cutters and siteholders.  A ‘siteholder’ is a person, or company, that is responsible for a certain percentage of output from a diamond mine. They are, essentially, the first company who comes into contact with a new diamond. Wherever possible, we try and do our business directly with them and cut out a long, strained line of ‘middle-men’ who each need to make their margin of profit. This method of sourcing diamonds means that we can buy stones for you at the lowest possible price; the only way we could make our supply line shorter is by owning a mine ourselves.

In addition to buying as close to the source as possible, we buy our stock in large quantities; the largest quantities in the country for a retailer in fact. When purchasing from a siteholder like this, it gives us access to much larger discounts than any competitor. These extremely low costs along with our large client base, it means that we are able to sell the vast majority of our stock on a weekly basis at an extremely low margin of profit that would be unsustainable for any smaller retailer.

With this strategy for purchasing and selling, we are certain that the prices you get from us are some of the best in the world. This is why we offer every customer our global price-match guarantee.

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