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Global Price Match Guarantee


Global price match guarantee

In tough economic times, we understand the importance in getting the most for your money. Hundreds of retailers and websites will say that they’re offering the very best, lowest prices, so it’s almost impossible to find who is genuine and who might be bending the truth.

Because of this, we are the only company to offer a global price-match guarantee to every customer on every product we supply.

We are so confident that we can beat any quote, and that our prices are the very best, that if you find anyone offering a lower price than us, we will immediately match the price, remove a further discount of 1%. Our price match guarantee applies to any quote you receive from anywhere in the world. That includes any quote from the more prominent diamond centres of the world such as Antwerp, Mumbai, Johannesburg, New York, London, Dubai and Hong Kong.

Please note the following regarding our Global Price match Guarantee:

-          The guarantee can only be given on quotes that are comparable on a strict like-for-like basis.

-          Evidence of the quote will be required – this may be in the form of an official company document, email etc.

-          Certificate number(s) where appropriate will be required to trigger the guarantee.

-          Tax-exclusive quotes can only be compared.

-          Quotes in a foreign currency will be converted to pounds sterling at a rate deemed suitable by DDD.

-          Price matching may not be available on products purchased through finance agreements.

DDD reserves the right to withdraw the guarantee without explanation.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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