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Diamond Certification

A diamond certificate is a gemologists evaluation summary of the quality and authenticity of a specific diamond. Diamonds carat, clarity, colour, dimensions, polish and symmetry, are evaluated by leading independent certification laboratories which are essential for an unbiased assessment.

Biggest and most recognised laboratories are Gemological Institute of America (GIA), International Gemological Institute (IGI), European Gemological Laboratory (EGL), American Gem Society (AGS). GIA is the strictest and most recognised laboratory that sets the highest standards. Not all diamond certificates are identical. Price and value of diamonds are not equal across alternating certifications. Please make sure that you are buying a diamond from a reputable grading laboratory/entity and that you closely check it before purchasing it.

For example, the GIA grade is different than IGI. Grading based on Colour, Clarity and Cut will differ and is set to different standards. If one lab consistency gives a single Color grade higher than another lab, that doesn't make the other lab less authentic or professional.

The price should reflect the actual quality, elegance and Cut of the diamond—both on the certificate and to the naked eye.

If you’re doubtful if a diamond is priced adequately or too high, be sure to have a diamond expert examine it before purchasing. For questions about diamonds, prices and certifications, you can contact us.

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