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Creating the Illusion of Size With Our Cluster Rings…
Have you ever read Cosmopolitan and seen the engagements bought by the rich and famous? Some of them feature diamonds larger than your head, while the cost alone would probably have you running for the hills as a future groom!
However, our diamond cluster rings may offer a more affordable solution, as they feature a number of smaller stones set closely together to resemble a much larger, eye-catching diamond.
So, if you want a ring that really wows your loved one, we could have exactly what you’re looking for. But what’s in our range and why should you buy a diamond cluster ring from us?

What’s in Our Range?

Cluster or multi-stone rings can be quite diverse in their appearance, particularly as they can contain a large centre stone or a group of diamonds of equal size.
Most will form a geometric shape, however, such as a square or even a flower depending on your preferred design.
Here at Diamond Dealer Direct, you can also buy our cluster rings in an array of different metals. We sell both a gold diamond cluster ring and a white gold diamond cluster ring, for example, while those of you who have a little more to spend can even invest in a precious platinum cluster diamond ring!

We also sell two primary designs to suit different budgets, with our beautiful Marisa diamond cluster ring available for just £800. At the other end of the price spectrum sits our stylish Bella ring, which boasts a truly stunning cluster of diamonds and is priced at £1,500.
No matter what you’re looking for, we’re confident that you’ll find the cluster ring of your dreams on our website!

Shop Online Today to Find Out More!

Make no mistake; the multi-stone or cluster ring suits many occasions. Graceful and delicate, cluster diamond rings are slightly cheaper but just as shiny and impressive as five- or seven-stone rings.
Cluster diamond rings usually have similar-size stones, but some of them can be selected slightly bigger, depending on your budget and preferences, which means that every piece has a unique and truly iconic design.
So, why not check out our range today, as you’ll find the very best and most competitively priced diamond cluster rings in Birmingham here at Diamond Dealer Direct!

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