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A Christmas Wedding - Yes or No?

Posted on 27th November 2015

Christmas lends itself to a lot of romance. It’s a special time of year for a lot of reasons, but a lot of it centers around love - seeing your family, buying everyone gifts, and the magical air that hangs around the holiday season thanks to countless stories, movies and songs.

So naturally, Christmas is quite a popular time of year for marriages. It’s a natural fit on paper for various reasons. But to the same end, some people dread being invited to Christmas weddings for a range of good reasons also. So it begs the question - Should you consider a Christmas wedding?

Below, we’ve come up with some reasons both for and against the idea, and we’ll let you decide if it is something you want to explore further.

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Pro - Family in town

One problem couples face regardless of the time of year is getting everyone together for the big day. It is rare that both sets of family and friends are all local at the same time, whether you decide to get married in the middle of summer, or in the depths of winter.

But Christmas tends to be a time of the year where families do naturally make an effort to be together. So by having a Christmas wedding, you are essentially killing two birds with one stone. Not only will everyone be in town anyway, but it also means they don’t have to make two trips, as they would do if you did go for a wedding in summer.

Con - Already a busy, expensive time of year

The over commercialisation of Christmas is well documented. Even those who don’t give in to the retail side of things can still find it a very expensive time of year, due to travel expenses, or just festive price hikes.

So to then throw a wedding on top of that could incur even more expense, on both the couples end and everyone else’s. If the couple choose to forgo Christmas because their wedding is so close, they can avoid some of the costs, but they are still open to the festive price hikes. Guests will have to factor in wedding gifts on top of Christmas gifts, stretching budgets even further.

Pro - Added meaning

As we stated above, part of the reason Christmas is a popular time of year for the wedding is because it is inherently romantic. Just by staging it at Christmas, you are making the wedding just a little bit more special than it may have otherwise bean.

There is the chance for snow, the long nights, and the festive decorations everywhere. Plus, Christmas tends to make everyone slightly more cheerful anyway, which could only add to the atmosphere.


Con - Could taint the “Christmas spirit”

That said, you run the risk of overshadowing Christmas for your guests. They won’t be thinking about “Christmas 2015”, but rather “The wedding”. They may get so caught up with everything that they’ll actually miss out on getting swept up in the Christmas spirit as they otherwise would.

And on a personal level, linking your wedding to Christmas makes it a little less special after the fact. Instead of having a day in the middle of summer that is uniquely yours, you instead have to share billing with Christmas. So as much as you will overshadow Christmas one year, Christmas will then go on to overshadow your anniversary every year thereafter.

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