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How to Choose a Diamond Engagement Ring

Posted on 6th May 2015

Choosing a diamond engagement ring for the partner of your dreams can be both exciting and frightening. It’s a big responsibility, one that comes with a lot of pressure. However, shopping for a diamond engagement ring doesn’t have to be frightening, it can be fun!  In today’s post we’ll be explaining how to choose a diamond engagement ring that will be cherished for ever.

  1. Choose the right band

The band makes the basis of the ring and there all different types of materials that make engagement rings. Let’s look at these:

White Gold – gold and alloyed metals are combined with usually rhodium to give the off white appearance and shiny silvery appearance.

Gold – yellow in colour and it’s normally alloyed with another metal so it’s much more durable.  Some people like 10K and 14K because it’s not as yellow-orangey in colour.

Platinum – it’s strong and silver in colour although its mirror finish disappears over the years. Those who wear platinum tend not buy a high grade colour diamond to put in it because platinum makes the diamond look yellow.


  1. Know your diamonds

Diamonds in engagement rings tend to be a traditional choice because they are robust and match everything.  Choosing a diamond engagement ring is a wise idea because they don’t lose their shine, nor do they scratch and they can endure most conditions. Did you know diamonds can only be damaged by other diamonds?

Let’s help you to choose a suitable diamond for your engagement ring by examining the four c’s:

Carat: this refers to the weight of the diamond.  Every carat has 100 points and engagement rings are often 1 carat.  The more carats, the more expensive the engagement ring will be.

Colour: Diamonds come in a wide variety of colours although most people tend to choose a white coloured diamond for their engagement ring.

  • Diamond colours that grade from D are the best kind of quality diamond that you can get.
  • Diamond colours that are graded F to G are also a good buy because they’re almost identical when inserted into an engagement ring.

Clarity: as diamonds are natural from the earth it’s usual for them to have imperfections.  You won’t be surprised to know that the less imperfections in the diamond, the more expensive they are.  Flawless diamonds are extremely rare and the fewer the flaws, the more light is reflected making them ‘sparkly.’

Diamonds are magnified 10X to assess their clarity but that means general flaws won’t appear to the naked eye. Therefore there are ranges of diamonds for even the most modest of budgets.

Cut: The way in which a diamond is cut will determine its sparkle.  The round cut produces a diamond with the most sparkle whilst radiant and princess cuts are perfect for hiding flaws.

Other cuts include: square, emerald, pear, marquise, heart shaped and cushion.

It’s important to remember that a high quality cut is much more important that weight, clarity or colour grade.


  1. Other tips to help you pick the perfect diamond engagement ring
  • Know your partner – it’s wise before you pick an engagement ring to talk to them subtly about their jewellery likes and dislikes.  If you’re trying to surprise your partner, then ask their close friends and family.
  • Have a budget - always have a price in mind but be prepared to go over it a little. Shop around as much as you can but don’t choose price over quality.
  • Get a fantastic jeweller – a knowledgeable jeweller is worth their weight in diamonds.  Try to get a recommendation off family or choose a jeweller who’s been around for a long time and source their diamonds ethically.
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