Diamond colour refers to how colourless or white a diamond is. The scale starts at the letter ‘D’, this being the whitest diamond available and descends all the way down to the letter Z, where these diamonds become distinctly yellow or brown.

Diamond colours are grouped together into bands. D to F are known as the ‘colourless group’, the difference between these colours are hardly noticeable to the un-trained eye. G to I diamonds are referred to as the ‘near colourless group’. These diamonds are significantly cheaper and hence offer great value for money as there will not be a vast difference in colour.

Pear diamond colour chart

Colour D

The colour D is the rarest of all colours, hence the most costly. The diamond is exceptionally white and colourless.

Colour E

The colour E is still a colourless diamond. The difference between D and E is normally only visible to an expert. These diamonds cost slightly less than the D colour diamond, hence offering good value for money.

Colour F

The colour F is the last of the colourless diamonds. The difference between E and F colour diamonds, is only normally noticeable to the trained gemmologist.

Colour G

G colour diamonds are brilliant value for money, as these diamonds still appear white. At G, the first sign of colour will become noticeable, however only when a G colour diamond is placed next to one of the colourless diamonds will this be observed.

Colour H

H colour diamonds are exceptionally good value for money. These diamonds appear colourless when they are not compared to the higher colour diamonds and also when set within a mount.

Colour I

I colour diamonds offer great value for money, as when these diamonds are set or taken into natural daylight they appear white.

Colour J

J colour diamonds are relatively inexpensive. These diamonds can appear to be colourless when placed into natural daylight. The diamond itself is slightly tinted in colour.

Colour K

K colour diamonds are tinted and are much less expensive. If placed within yellow gold, the colour tint is greatly disguised. This can be a great money saver or may enable you to purchase a larger stone.

Colour L & lower

Diamonds of colour L and lower tend to have a more distinctive tint to them. However, some people are pleased by these slightly ‘warmer’ colours and hence, they can be a good option. These colours also allow clients to achieve a larger diamonds for their money.

At Diamond Dealer Direct, we do not currently offer diamonds lower than L, however these can be sourced upon request.