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Most popular jewellry online

Posted on 1st October 2021

Ever wondered what people are searching for when it comes to their jewellery? We were curious about who was buying up bling and what kind of bling they were buying, so we collected the data from Google search results to find out.

We present to you the facts and figures of who is searching for what in the world of gold and diamond jewellery.


Most popular jewellery online infographic

Unsurprisingly but still too large to ignore; we have a winner with engagement rings, at 30% of all searches for jewellery sourced through Google. Almost 1/3 of all of the jewellery searched is for people who are about to propose. What a sweet note to start on. Engagement rings make up more than half of all rings searched, too. Gold or Diamond rings came next at 20%, with wedding rings at a paltry 11%. So everyone’s getting engaged, just not married.

Earrings are the next category where searches are high. 40,000 people searched for diamond earrings in our case study, compared to only 15,000 gold pairs of earrings examined. Users then confounded data scientists even further by switching it on us in the necklace category. There, 22,000 necklaces were diamond compared to 40,000 in gold. If we can retrieve anything from this infographic, it may be that people struggle to make up their minds.

Diamonds are forever, that’s what this comes down to. They are symbolic of the steadfastness and hardiness of love. They are unbreakable, glitter in even a dark room, and can say a thousand words when the person offering it cannot. Gold, however pretty, is just decoration for the diamonds.

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