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Natural yellow diamonds in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter

Posted on 4th September 2014

With stunning and vibrant shades, it's no wonder that yellow diamonds are in high demand. With possibly the most famous of these diamonds being 'The Tiffany Diamond', a stunning 128.54 carat cushion cut. Natural yellow diamonds can be found in many UK jewellery stores however, Diamond Dealer Direct holds a vast stock of these diamonds, they are available to view at our Birmingham Jewellery Quarter showroom.

Although white diamonds are graded with the absence of colour, yellow diamonds on the other hand, are graded by the intensity of the colour. These diamonds are formed over millions of years with the infusion of nitrogen, giving the diamond its yellow shade.

The Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) states that 'Yellow is diamond’s second most common fancy colour. Yellow diamonds are sometimes marketed as “canary.” While this isn’t a proper grading term, it’s commonly used in the trade to describe fancy yellow diamonds'. Yellow diamond shades are graded by the following terms - Fancy light, fancy, fancy intense and fancy vivid, with fancy light being valued at the lowest scale moving upwards in value to fancy vivid.



Most of our customers prefer to choose a beautiful 'halo' of white diamonds to emphasise the yellow diamonds colour. Although this is the popular choice of setting, some do prefer to buck the trend by choosing a classic solitaire in a white metal, again to accentuate the diamonds colour, however the possibilities are endless in choice of designs and styles, many designers are available to view at our Birmingham Jewellery Quarter showroom.

Natural yellow diamonds' colour may be graded on a different scale to white diamonds, however the clarity, cut and carat are all graded on the same scale (further reading can be found below).

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