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The pear shape - Classic, simple & elegant

Posted on 6th June 2014

With Many celebrities such as Avril Lavigne & Victoria Beckham showing off their elegant pear shaped diamonds to the world, no wonder this shape diamond is still standing the tests of time. There are many different designs available for this shape, a classic solitaire, a stunning 'Halo' design or something unique. So, there are many ways to show off the elegant lustre of this diamond.

The pear shape, sometimes called teardrop, was first cut by Lodewyk van Berquem in 1400 and was referred to as a Pendeloque cut at the time. The cut was greatly admired at the time, but rarely used because it was considered quite wasteful; a lot of excess diamond material would have had to be removed in order to achieve the teardrop shape.

A pear shaped stone not only offers brilliant lustre, thanks to its large surface area across the top plane, but the added elegance of a pointed tip, similar to a marquise. Whilst beautiful set as a single stone in an engagement ring, the teardrop shape lends itself to many other uses, such as being set into a pendant, or a pair of matching stones complimenting a round brilliant centre (or other cut).

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