Specialising in all things diamond, here at Diamond Dealer direct we not only home a breath taking array of rings, but we also have a range of stunning and unique diamond earrings, including studs and drop earrings. Once you’ve bought your partner a diamond engagement ring, wedding ring and eternity ring, you might be left wondering how you can mark those momentous occasions in your relationship, well wonder no more. Unlike rings such as wedding rings and engagement rings which tend to stay on your partners hand every day, earrings are interchangeable and women and men alike, like to have different sets of earrings for different occasions. Presenting your partner with a beautiful set of diamond earrings is a sure way of expressing your love and making your partner feel special. Our diamond earrings are ideal as anniversary, birthday or Christmas gifts, as well as a present to celebrate the birth of a new baby.

The history of earrings
Earrings and piercing the ears is one of the oldest known methods of body modification, dating back to Ancient Persia. This can be seen in the carved images of Persian soldiers, who are shown wearing an earring. Wearing earrings is even referenced in the bible, in Exodus 32:1–4, where it was commanded that the Israelites bring their children’s earrings and other jewellery to Aaron so that he might make a God for them. We continually see references to wearing earrings throughout history and in fact by the 1590’s, earrings had become very fashionable and popular among men. Though ear piecing has been around for years, it has only really gained in popularity since around 1950, where there were little to no establishments providing ear piercings and so girls would host their own ear piercing parties. Towards the end of the 60’s ear piercing started to become more available, being provided by physicians and even some jewellery stores.
Up until the 1970’s ear piercing was predominantly popular among men, especially hippies and the gay community, however, after this time the popularity of ear piercing among woman dramatically rose. Since then piercings in the ears have rocketed, with some people having multiple piercings and some parents even choosing to pierce their children’s ears a few weeks after birth.

Types of earrings

Earrings come in a wide range of styles and designs, including;
Stud earrings: the earring that is designed to look like it is floating in mid-air, with no visible signs of being attached to the ear (from the front). Studded earrings come in pretty much any design you can think of, from a sophisticated and elegant diamond stud, to a gold and simple stud, to a design of a ladybird or dolphin.
Drop earrings: where a gem, ornament or design hangs down from the earlobe, secured by a spike going through the ear and secured on the other side. The length of the drop can vary from short to very long, the stones, colour and metals all vary and you can buy a range of designs so you can be sure to have something match your outfit.
Other styles of earrings include: hoop, dangle, barbell, huggy, ear threads and spikes.
Check out our fantastic and beautiful range of diamond earrings and if you have any questions about anything you see here, please feel free to contact us or visit our showroom.

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