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Royal Engagement Rings Through History

Posted on 13th May 2018

With so many royal engagements announced recently, we think it’s a great opportunity to have a look at the most famous royal engagement rings through history.

Starting from the most recent engagements, we will go back in time and look at the ring designs and how they have changed in the last century.

Princess Eugenie of York and Jack Brooksbank
Engaged: January 2018 in Nicaragua

Ring Style: Keeping it in the family the engagement ring is very similar to the one her father Prince Andrew gave to Sarah Ferguson.

The ring is an unusual setting and style which moves away from the traditional, classic diamond engagement ring.

The stone you see in the center is a pink padparadscha sapphire which can cost up to several thousand pounds per carat. They are among the rarest of gemstones on the planet and it very likely has been sourced from Sri Lanka, where most of these gemstones are found.

The stone is surrounded by a halo of diamonds set on a yellow gold band with two tapered diamonds set into the band.

Recently announced this couple is planning their wedding for October 2018. They’ve been dating for 7 years and have now moved into their first house together in none other than Kensington Palace. Even better, they are right next to Meghan & Harry who are living in one of the royal properties close by. We wonder if there will be any co-planning sessions between Eugenie & Meghan Markle!


Meghan & Harry
Engaged: November 2017

Ring Style: Designed by Prince Harry himself, Meghan’s stunning engagement ring took him over 6 months to design. The ring has a large central diamond sourced from Botswana, which is a place which means a lot to the couple. Encasing the central diamond are two smaller stones from Princess Diana’s collection. The band is yellow gold.

When Harry & Meghan announced their engagement in 2017 there was, shall we say, a buzz in the press. A short romance, this couple have been dating for 16 months before the announcement but clearly, from their engagement photos they are very much in love and we can’t wait for the wedding in May.


Kate Middleton & William
Engaged: November 2010

prince_williams_weddingRing Style: William chose to pass down his mother, Princess Diana’s stunning 12-carat sapphire & diamond engagement ring to Kate Middleton.

He stated, “it’s my way of making sure my mother didn’t miss out on today”. The sapphire is set in a halo setting surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds.

When this couple announced their engagement it wasn’t a complete shock to the British public. They met in St Andrews University and fell in love away from the press. William proposes to Kate in a secluded log cabin in the foothills of Kenya, we bet it was as romantic as you’d expect from a Prince.


Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Phillip
Engaged: The beginning of 1946

Ring Style: Queen Elizabeth II wears a classic, three-carat diamond flanked by smaller pavé-set-diamonds. The pave setting is a wonderful choice for a classic engagement ring which sparkles and catches the eye but is more affordable.queen-elizabeth-prince-philip-wedding-day-1947

You might not expect that from Queen of England - but these stones have a special significance. They were originally part of a tiara owned by Prince Phillips mother.

In November 2017 the couple celebrated their 70th Wedding Anniversary. They are blessed with having the longest marriage of any British Monarch.

Their romance started young, the queen has said when she was just 13 she met Prince Philip and fell in love instantly. They started off as pen pals. Their romance blossomed and they were married in Westminster Abbey.


Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (Queen Mother) & King George VI
Engaged: January 1923

Wedding_of_George_VI_and_Elizabeth_Bowes-Lyon-e1493075854236Ring Style: The queen mother’s engagement ring is an oval-shaped sapphire ring surrounded by an accent of diamonds. The wedding band is crafted in Welsh gold which Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon chose specifically.

Kate Middleton’s band has also been made in Welsh gold, but it’s unclear if it comes from the same source.

An award for the most persistent suitor has to go to King George VI, at that time The Duke of York. He proposed three times to Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon before she said yes.

They first met at a dinner party in London, Albert quickly asked to be introduced to her late that evening.

At the time Elizabeth was 19 years old, Albert continued to court Elizabeth along with several other suitors. In this case, his persistence and faith that she was the one paid off.

We hope you enjoyed a look back on the royal engagements.  For more reading, check out the related posts below. 


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