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What to take into account when budgeting for a wedding

Posted on 29th July 2019

No one wants to think of their wedding in the same way an accountant might view a forecast for the next financial year, but planning ahead is vital if you’re to avoid your big day turning into a costly affair you end up financing for the rest of your life.

Welcome to Diamond Dealer Direct’s simple guide for wedding budgeting. Neglect the following chargeable stuff at your peril!

The stag and hen do's

For some, this is the most exciting part of the lead up to the wedding. Just make sure it’s fair by apportioning an equal amount of budget to you both (but don’t go overboard - it’s not worth spending it all on an expensive stag do if that means you can’t afford the church!).

Beauty treatments

bridal make up
Hair, make-up and nails are just some examples of the stuff that will make the morning particularly special for the bride as she gets ready to head down that isle.

The church or register office

Wherever you decide to tie the knot, you’ll have to pay a fee of some kind - check out what it is early on.

The reception venue

From grand countryside manors to simple village halls, wedding reception venues are varied and hard to choose, but they’ll probably eat up a sizeable chunk of your budget, so allow for them from the start.


Most wedding invites are still sent via post, because it’s far more personable than an email. That means you’ll be sending out a sizeable bunch of letters soon, and the cost for doing so might add up to more than you think.

The dress

We’ve all seen those episodes of Don’t Tell The Bride where the groom spends a minimal amount on the dress. It never ends well. Budget for this element early on, and you’ll avoid settling for second best.

The suits

It’s not uncommon for suits to be hired for the wedding rather than bought, so shop around and find the hire companies that offer the best bang-for-buck.


The bride, groom and possibly bridesmaids will all need a special pair of shoes for the big day.


Metal of this kind isn’t exactly cheap, but for good reason; it should last a lifetime and be the most precious thing you place on your fingers. Make it an important part of the budget.


Sure, you’ll have loads of people constantly taking photos with their smartphones all day, but nothing beats professional photos from someone who knows how to use a big camera. Don’t skimp here.


No one wants hungry guests on their wedding day. Think about food for the wedding breakfast, but also the evening guests and allow for more than you’ll need.


An easy one to forget or simply leave until last, but flowers do a remarkable job of capping off a wedding by simply being there.


You’ll need to get to and from the wedding venue and reception location (if different). Your method of transport is entirely up to you, but make sure you don’t leave out this vital element.

An important disclaimer

We should note that this isn’t a definitive list; every wedding is different, and yours will have different requirements to those of your friends’.

Treat this list as the base level budgetary requirements - some of which you’ll need, others which you may decide to forgo.

Whatever you do, though, don’t forget to give all of them plenty of consideration!

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