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Taylor Swift's $10 million bath

Posted on 22nd November 2019

You may recall an extravagant scene from megastar Taylor Swift's “Look What You Made Me Do” video, in which she lounges around in a bath filled with diamond jewellery. But were you aware that those diamonds were REAL, and worth more than $10 million?

The luminary jeweller, Neil Lane reveals that jewellery from his luxury diamond collection was used for the shoot, telling celebrity gossip magazine Page Six: "I had to go to the vault for this one. They wanted an over-the-top, glamorous look so we gave them unprecedented access to my collection. And wow, what an amazing turnout, diamonds have never looked better!"

The scene caused some controversy at the time, with many fans believing that the bathtub jewels were a reference to the widely reported 2016 robbery in Paris, during which Kim Kardashian was tied up at gunpoint and left in the bath while thieves made away with millions of dollars worth of jewellery.

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