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The 3 things no wedding should be without

Posted on 8th April 2021

While some may balk at the average perceived cost of a wedding, this has continued to fall in recent years.
In fact, the latest data shows that the average cost of a wedding in the UK is around £15,171, with this having fallen from £16,005 in 2019. As with all averages and surveys, your millage may vary.
However, spending your budget is easier said than done, and it’s easy to overlook some important items of expenditure. Here are three things that absolutely no wedding should be without!

The Rings

Both engagement rings and wedding bands are two of the most important and symbolic investments that you’ll make in your life, with their value extending far beyond their initial cost and the materials that are used to produce them.
Wedding bands are particularly important, as they represent a symbol of marriage and your union with a loved one. As a result, they embody your partnership in physical form, and strengthens the bond that’s sealed with your vows.
There are many different types of wedding band, of course, while alternative stones and precious metals are used to craft various shapes.
So, the key is to select the bands that most suit your personal sense of style, while also targeting rings that are comfortably within your financial budget!

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The Dress

Even as a groom, you have to recognise that your partner may have dreamt of their wedding day since they were incredibly young.
This means that they will likely have envisioned their dress and have a crystal clear idea of what they’re looking for, and it’s unfair to ask your partner to compromise on their ideals so long as you have the necessary budget to buy their dream garment.
Even if this means cutting back on costs elsewhere in the budget, this is a small price to pay if your partner can buy and wear the wedding day dress of their absolute dreams!
Make no mistake; any romantic wedding day needs a beloved dress, and one that helps the bride to recreate the ceremony of her dreams!

A Guest List

While we’d all like to invite everyone we know to the wedding ceremony and evening reception (especially as we’d like to show off!), this is not always a practical solution.
In fact, attempting to invite or placate everyone on your wedding day can lead to a complete disaster, and one that either causes you to exceed your budget or dramatically cut your numbers as the event approaches.
Instead, it’s far better to establish fixed numbers and create a viable guest list ahead of time, in line with your budget and the cumulative cost of your venue and food. Sure, this may require you and your partner to make some tough decisions, but it’s better to work through these early rather than putting them off to a later date.
In this respect, a guest list can actually save a great deal of time, money and heartache, both for you and those who may not ultimately be invited to the ceremony or reception.

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