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3 Times in Life Where Only Diamonds Will Do

Posted on 3rd December 2021

We only ever think about giving diamond rings for marriage proposals, but what if we told you there were other times in life where only diamonds would do?

Diamonds might not seem like the obvious choice in gift. Many people are put off by their reassuringly expensive price. However, there are few ways to declare everlasting love or everlasting friendship that are as efficient as a diamond.

Why We Give Diamonds in Engagement Rings?

Giving diamonds in the engagement ring is symbolic of everlasting love. A diamond is a hard stone which will never be worn down by any tribulations during the marriage. It is one of the hardest stones in existence, according to the Mohs hardness scale. There are few stones which surpass it in terms of toughness.

We also give diamond engagement rings because a diamond lasts for an eternity. The diamond engagement ring is symbolic of eternal love, which is tough enough to last the distance. While giving diamond rings as accepted as a token of everlasting love and potential marriage, there are other times in life where giving a diamond is an acceptable gift. Here are our top three.

Engagement Ring3 times in life to give a diamond outside of an engagement ring

If you want to give an exemplary gift to someone you love but don't want to marry, then giving diamonds is the best way to do it. Here are some situations where only a diamond will do.

1 - Your mother’s birthday

Not just any birthday, but a big birthday. When your mother reaches 40 or 50 or 60, this is when we should consider giving her a diamond. It doesn't have to be a diamond ring. Diamond earrings always go down a treat for mothers and mother in laws. You should also consider a diamond necklace. Depending on your mother's age and what she likes in terms of jewellery, you may also consider a diamond studded brooch, watch, or bracelet.

2 - As thank you gifts for participation in your wedding

It is traditional to thank the participants in your wedding with a gift. Usually this means something like a hip flask or an engraved glass for the men and often ends with jewellery for the women. Although diamonds are expensive, a small diamond set into a silver backing can make a wonderful gift for those who helped you get married. Again, this is a symbol of eternity. Eternal friendship in this case.

3 - At a graduation ceremony

When your loved one graduates, this is the event of a lifetime. They will never do this again. Well, they might, but it's unlikely. A graduation is something to be celebrated. It is an achievement beyond anything else you will do with your life other than getting married. It is symbolic of the start of your career and therefore the start of your life as an adult. Giving a diamond at this crucial juncture is a perfectly acceptable thing to do. It may not be expected either, which makes it all the sweeter for the recipient.

The Bonus Round

You should also consider giving diamonds to anyone who has just turned 21. The eternal nature of the stone will mean that they will have this gift for the rest of their lives. What a perfect way to remember you by, even after you're gone.

Give A Diamond to Your Loved One This Christmas

Don't forget that Christmas is a perfectly acceptable time to give anyone you like a diamond.

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