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How To Clean A Diamond Ring Safely

Posted on 10th June 2018

We are thinking about hanging this one up on the wall of our store in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.  Seriously, this is a blog post that everyone buying a diamond ring should read and save.

It is very likely your diamond ring is for an engagement or a wedding and if so, you will be wearing it a lot.  It’s going to be showered, bathed, exposed to the elements, and will very likely have lotion rubbed over it on a regular basis. It will also be coming into contact with washing up liquid, dirt, grease, and germs  - after all, you use your hands to do everything, right?

Understanding how to clean your diamond ring safely is fundamental.  Make sure you take care of your most precious jewellery so that it lasts a lifetime, and hopefully, even longer.

How often to clean your diamond ring?

We will start with the question of how often.  Obviously, this is dependent on your lifestyle and how careful you are in the first place.  If you practice a lot of sports, have a job which requires heavy physical labour, or you're a keen gardener, and you don’t take your ring off at all, then it will need cleaning more regularly.   

More Activity = More Cleaning Required

women in sport

Some experts recommend cleaning a diamond ring once a fortnight. In the midst of a global viral pandemic, you might even want to consider cleaning your ring every evening. However, under normal circumstances, we think these timescales are frankly unrealistic for most people. We usually recommend that most people should aim to clean their engagement ring every 2-3 months.

Items we do not recommend you clean your diamond ring with

Before we look at specific cleaning methods, let’s cover how not to do it.  There is a lot of really poor advice online, and we aim to dispel such misinformation at every opportunity.

So, with this in mind, please DO NOT clean your precious diamond ring with any of the following:

Tomato Ketchup





We understand. Sometimes it can be really tempting (and requires no forward planning) to do a DIY job with stuff you already have lying around the house.

Whilst it might be fine to concoct an organic face mask recipe to freshen your skin, following a similar procedure to clean a ring worth over £4,000 is insane.

The methods we recommend below are inexpensive, and accessible to anyone who owns a diamond ring. So, please take care of your precious jewellery properly, and save the ketchup for your chips.

1. Cleaning your diamond ring at home

Sometimes, it's more convenient to clean your diamond ring at home rather than making a special trip to the jewellers.  So, if this is you, here are the two jewellery cleaners we always recommend:

Town Talk Sparkle Jewellery Cleaner

and ...

Waitrose Gold & Diamond Dip

The methods for using these cleaners involve no toothbrushes or abrasive tools. Simply place your diamond ring into the cleaning fluid for a couple of minutes, or for the recommended time on the label. Then, dry with a clean, soft cloth once finished.

2. Cleaning your diamond ring at the jewellers

cleaning diamond ring

The best way to have your diamond ring cleaned is at your jewellers, and you should aim to do this at least annually, if possible. Obviously, it is best to use the DIY cleaners mentioned above at home every couple of months too, in between your annual professional cleans.  

Some smaller jewellers will provide a cleaning service free of charge, as a way to keep in touch with you and keep your custom. We would advise making use of this service if it is available to you.

We hope the advice in this blog post will ensure that your diamond ring is always cleaned safely, and always looks amazing as a result. Follow this advice, and your precious ring will be sure to last a lifetime and beyond!

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