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5 simple marriage proposal ideas that won't cost you a penny (bar the ring!)

Posted on 17th June 2020

It’s possibly one of the biggest questions you’ll ever ask in your lifetime, but it’s also one of the trickiest to get right.

Marriage proposals are laced with tradition and a certain degree of expectancy. However, doing it ‘right’ is different for everyone.

If your idea of whisking your loved one off to a remote beach in a far-flung land and dropping to one knee is a bit too much (and far too expensive), we’ve got some good news.

Here are five simple marriage proposal ideas which are easy to undertake and won’t cost you a penny (apart from the all-important ring, of course).

1. Take a walk down memory lane

Think of somewhere that means a lot to you as a couple. It might be the place where you first laid eyes on each other, or a particularly memorable summer walk you took once.

Treat it like any other day, and suggest that it’d be nice to relive that moment or go back to that place. And, when you’re there, drop the big question when it feels most appropriate to do so.

2. Create a treasure hunt

You’re adults, sure, but who says treasure hunts are only for kids?

If you’ve got a particularly quiet weekend on the horizon, tell your partner that you’re going to set up a treasure hunt for them. You don’t need to say any more than that.

For the hunt itself, hide the usual treats (chocolate and other goodies, for instance), but make the final hidden treasure the most important of all - a ring and a note asking if they'll take your hand in marriage.

3. Use the dog (or cat)

If you’ve got a pet, it’s hard to resist the cuteness of enlisting their help with your proposal.

It's a bit of a cliche, but if your pet is central to your world, attaching the ring and a little note to their collar is a brilliant way to pop the big question.

4. Paint it on the wall while decorating

Whether you love it or hate it, decorating is something many couples undertake together.

If you’ve decided to propose, you can use your decorating project as a unique way to pop the question.

When you’re alone in the room, paint the question on the wall, ready for your partner to see when they return.

5. Do it at dinner

Sometimes (often, in fact), the simplest marriage proposals are by far the best.

If you want to limit the element of surprise to the proposal itself, one of the best ways to do this is to ask the question over dinner.

Pick a night when you both decide to have a romantic evening in together, and choose your moment carefully - you should know exactly when the time feels right.

Final thought

Remember - this is your proposal, no one else’s. Therefore, if you read our list above but don’t think any of these are right for your big question, revert to whatever feels right for you.

Marriage proposals are a deeply personal thing. We hope we’ve given you some inspiration today for when it’s finally time to pop the question.

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