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Smart ways to find out your partner's ring size

Posted on 23rd April 2020

If you’ve decided to propose to your partner, one of the first challenges you’ll have to overcome isn’t the call to his or her father, or the proposal itself.

No, before you do all that you’ll need to find out their ring size.

This is tricky, because if you’re not really careful, your entire proposal plan could fall apart. If your partner realises what you’re up to, the game is given away - instantly.

So, without further ado, here are five smart ways to find out your partner’s ring size, without them suspecting a thing.

1. Be subtle (but careful)

Guess what - in order to find out your partner’s ring size, you can actually ask them without giving the game away!

No, really. The trick lies in being subtle and extremely careful about the way in which you approach the question.

For instance, you could pretend that you think a ring would be a great idea for an upcoming sister or mother’s birthday. Ask your partner their ring size ‘as reference’. You may be surprised by how readily the answer is given.

2. Get a friend involved

Friends have one significant advantage over you in this scenario: they’re not looking to marry your partner, and your partner will never expect that to be the case.

Use this to your advantage, by enlisting the help of a friend. They’ll need to be subtle and canny, but they should be able to slip it into a relevant conversation far easier than you could.

3. Check out an existing ring

If your partner has some rings already, try and grab one when they’re in the jewellery box or resting on the bedside table.

Providing it’s a ring that is worn regularly, you should be able to get the right size there and then - simply trace around it on a piece of paper and take it to the jewellers.

how to find out your partners ring size

4. Compare their finger to yours

This is a little more tricky, but if you get it right, it’s a brilliant way to get a really good idea of the ring size.

When holding your partner’s hand, or playing with it while watching TV, take a look at their ring finger compared to yours. Is it roughly the same size or can you semi-accurately gauge how much bigger or smaller it might be?

You’ll never be 100% accurate with this, but it’s a great way to offer an educated guess to an experienced jeweller.

5. If you’ve been discussing marriage - ask!

Some couples prefer to be open with each other about this kind of thing. So,  if it’s no secret that you’re going to pop the question one day, just ask your partner what their ring size is.

Then, get on with your lives. They’ll soon forget, and you can always make the proposal itself an amazing surprise.

Final thought

You may not get the ring size right first time, but there’s no need to feel bad if that’s the case - your partner almost certainly won’t mind. Rings can always be resized, and the most important thing is that proposal after all. 

On the other hand, if you follow our tips above, you’ll improve your chances of acquiring the perfect engagement ring in the right size with the first attempt!

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