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Most Popular Engagement Ring Settings

Posted on 8th July 2018

When shopping for an engagement ring it can get a bit confusing.  There are so many settings to choose from which bring different pros and cons into play. At the end of the day choosing the best engagement ring is really down to taste and it’s a process.  Get an overview of the top engagement ring settings here and then pop into our store in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter where we will be happy to guide you.

The Halo


You might have seen lots of rings being described as having a halo setting.  If you are asking what is a halo engagement ring setting then here you go. It’s quite simple really. A halo setting is made up of a central gemstone, the gemstone, whether it is diamond, ruby, emerald or something else can be cut to any shape.  In order to make it a halo setting it should be flanked by smaller diamonds which encase the central gemstone, this creates the halo effect which gives the setting its name.

The Solitaire


The solitaire setting is the most classic for an engagement ring.  Like its name suggests it consists of one central gemstone set onto the band using pronged metal claws.  Usually, there are either 4 or 6 prongs holding the central gemstone in place. The solitaire setting is very popular for an engagement ring because it really shows off the central diamond in the best way.  The light is able to pass through the diamond and is reflected back vividly, for maximum sparkle whilst maintaining a classic look this setting is a fantastic choice.

The Three Stone


The deeper symbolic meaning behind the three stone engagement ring is what makes it so special.  The three stones represent the past, present & future of the couple. The central stone is the present.   The three stone setting consists of three gemstones held into place with metal clasp prongs. It’s become particularly popular after Prince Harry gave Meghan Markle a three stone engagement ring on their engagement.

The Tension

The tension setting is a very modern style of design.  The gemstone is held in place without metal prongs supporting it so it has the effect of floating off the band. The tension between the gemstone and the bands, as well as a small groove cut into the band, is what secures the ring. Often this setting comes with sweeping lines and a very modern, contemporary feel.

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