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How to surprise your bride-to-be with the perfect proposal

15th June 2020
It’s something most men fear, but for no discernible reason. Proposing to your girlfriend or boyfriend is an entirely natural thing to do. It has happened for centuries, and is one of the most common human desires. However, for most people, it's something that only happens once, and which is so unusual in terms of […]

Cheap honeymoon ideas you haven't thought of

10th June 2020
Everyone has friends who spent an absolute fortune on their honeymoon. Bali, exploring the US, hiking up Machu Picchu - the list of fantastical destinations to which you could head with your loved one is endless. It’s also very expensive. And, after what may have been a rather expensive wedding, you may be wondering how […]

How to prepare yourself for a wedding speech

13th May 2020
Whether you’re a seasoned public speaker, experienced standup comedian or an introvert who hates having the spotlight shone on them, delivering a wedding speech to a room full of guests can be nerve-wracking. You might be the groom, best man, father of the bride or the bride herself - whatever the reason for having to […]

5 things people always forget to arrange for a wedding

30th April 2020
Let’s not beat around the bush - there’s an awful lot you have to remember while planning a wedding. This means certain things get forgotten. And that’s fine, to a degree - you can’t be expected to cover every single minutiae, particularly when some of that stuff simply won’t be missed on the day. However, […]

Smart ways to find out your partner's ring size

23rd April 2020
If you’ve decided to propose to your partner, one of the first challenges you’ll have to overcome isn’t the call to his or her father, or the proposal itself. No, before you do all that you’ll need to find out their ring size. This is tricky, because if you’re not really careful, your entire proposal […]

How to reschedule your wedding | Quick Guide

17th April 2020
There are many reasons why you may need to reschedule your wedding. There might be a budgetary issue you’ve suddenly encountered. Perhaps an illness needs to be overcome before you can fully enjoy the day. It might simply be that you realise you’ve rushed the plans and a future date would be better. Whatever the […]

How to plan your honeymoon - 10 tips for newlyweds

4th February 2020
Honeymoons are like the ultimate holiday. It’s your one chance to spend time with your perfect person in a perfect location. It’s why so many couples spend far more on their honeymoons than they do their regular holidays. That means you need to get this right and make it the honeymoon of a lifetime. And you’d […]

The Complete Diamond Engagement Ring Glossary

26th November 2019
If you have never purchased (or received!) a diamond engagement ring before, then you could be forgiven for being completely baffled by the terminology commonly used by jewellers to describe the range of options you will need to consider: style, size, shape, cut, weight, setting, metal type, etc, etc. As with any major purchase, it pays […]

Kim Kardashian clears up stolen diamond ring mystery

25th November 2019
Kim Kardashian fans have been left scratching their heads after the celebrity recently appeared in an advertisement for her new KKK Diamonds Collection fragrances, wearing a diamond ring which bears a striking resemblance to the 20-carat diamond engagement ring reportedly stolen during a raid in Paris in 2016. Images of the ring have been widely […]

Taylor Swift's $10 million bath

22nd November 2019
You may recall an extravagant scene from megastar Taylor Swift's “Look What You Made Me Do” video, in which she lounges around in a bath filled with diamond jewellery. But were you aware that those diamonds were REAL, and worth more than $10 million? The luminary jeweller, Neil Lane reveals that jewellery from his luxury […]

Duties of the best man

13th September 2019
It’s the job people love and hate in equal measure, but it’s hard to ignore the importance of becoming a best man for someone. It’s the ultimate demonstration of friendship; by handing best man duties over to someone, you’re entrusting them with some of the most important elements of the biggest day of your life. […]

How to write wedding vows - perfect wedding tips

4th September 2019
Whether you're writing wedding vows for him or wedding vows for her, you've probably reached this page looking for examples of wedding vows. There's just one problem; with so many other tasks required for a modern wedding, how on earth do you find the time to sit down and write yet another bunch of paragraphs […]
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